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A while later, Emma glanced at the clock and her eyes widened.

"Is it seriously 6pm?" She asked, her jaw dropping in surprise. "I've really been here 6 hours?"

"Yeah, I guess time flies when you're having fun." Marlene told her with a smile. Emma smiled back, but a little ball of worry was forming in her stomach.

"I need to go back, so we can try and free Ashley, Maurice and Julien." She realised, waving a goodbye to Marlene and sliding out of the cave. She began to walk to her own habitat, and she shivered. Because it was winter, the nights were much longer, and the sky was already a deep,...
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Ok so I was kusoma over the profaili I ilitumwa when I first came on here and I sounded like a Mary-Sue. So I decided to update it now since I grew up a little bit!! XD

Name: Lexii

Gender: female

Age: 23 (irl I'm 14)

Birthday: April 23rd

Description: a pure white ring-tailed lemur with gray paws and nose. Straight bangs that go across the left side of my face and cover half of my eye, baby blue streak down the middle, never cut evenly at the end. Blue eyes (same color as the streak in my hair) with long eyelashes. Big-ish ears. A long tail with about 7 light grey stripes. Fluffy, feminine figured...
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posted by CuteCuddly
Marlene found herself being helped from the pile of splintered wood that used to be the stage, kwa CC. She looked around confused, before remembering what happened. Private went to help Julian, but he jumped up, screaming.
"MY BOOMY BOX!!!" He began to dig through the wood, flinging planks left and right. He also grabbed Mort's tail, and he was flung through the air until he was caught kwa MS.
"I don't understand," Kowalski pondered, scratching his head. "When Rico and I built the stage, it was structualy sound! And now!"
"CRASH!" Rico added.

"I know who did it..." Skipper growled. CC didn't have...
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posted by CuteCuddly
The wanyama of the zoo gathered near the gate, chattering, and conversion. Marlene stood near the stage with CC.
"You nervous?" Marlene asked.
"Mm, slightly."
"What if it's a fail? Like game night almost was?"
"Game night ended up perfect, and this will too," CC assured her. She gazed at all the animals, then realised something.
"Where's Rune?" CC asked. "Has she not come yet?" She went into the crowd, and found Mort.
"You happen to know where Rune is?" she asked the panya, kipanya lemur.
"Rune? Oh, she's gone to um... China!"
"Tell me the truth."
"Ok! She's hiding in the volcano. But don't tell...
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