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This is my animation. 100% kwa me. kwa the way wewe don't have to read the description, I may au may not have any description. Anyway, I voiced over myself on this episode.
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I thought this is funny too.
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Source: I drew it, but got the idea from other people! XD
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Source: Drawing: Me, Ocs: Me and Kaitlyn
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Jane Rizzoli spotted a man step out of a taxi and nearly walk into a woman rolling a baby carriage.
The man caught her staring so she turned away.

"Jane?" asked Maura, jarring her out of thoughts.
"Wha-? oh, sorry, Maura, I was thinking."
"About that cute man who stepped out of the cab?"
"No! And don't wewe think, Maura, that after your LAST boyfriend, you'd be a bit zaidi careful about who wewe think is cute? What does he have in TWO suitcases? Severed body parts?"
" Ha! I'm careful!"
"Like wewe were careful about the psycho who gave wewe a severed hand encased in plaster?"
"Good point."
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"Your Identification please, mister Barker," the female on the counter commanded. 

Damion reached into a pocket in his leather koti, jacket for a plastic ID card, setting it gently on the desk. 


Damion sighed, getting several rolls of paper. 

The lady at the counter took a look at each and every form set on her desk, scanning the bar codes and typing away at her keyboard with scrutiny. She first looked at the ID card, the black text kusoma "Todd Barker", and a non-smiling face stared back at her. She looked at the certifications as well. Her plump figure was clad in all black, with...
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Hannah finally slumped down, yesterday was a nightmare with a quiet blessing, the preceding two weeks of this investigation had been dragging her kwa the neck so far, and in all of her experiences, nothing prepared her for such sheer brutality and torment. She just wanted to take the siku easy and rest, let her Marafiki unwind. 

Then the doorbell rang. 

Hannah grunted bitterly, slamming her flippers down and stomping her way to the door. Gun in flipper in case it was a "surprise guest". She opened the door to see a handsomely dressed penguin, auk at her door. 

"Is this the address of Hannah Freeze?"...
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The party was every definition of the word enormous. From the portion sizes of the chakula there, to the building housing the party itself. The building itself was a castellated Casino, with perfectly straight hallways that stretched into nearly infinity both upward and forward. Through the lone gate in the front of the casino sat the first room, a parlor where guests were accommodated and accounted for, lounge seats and ottomans strewn about the area, with the rusted glow of the setting sun through blue slanted windows of ivory slats, and a chandelier of deep sapphire illuminating the interior,...
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from icicle. i upendo it. its so cute!