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Opinion by misanthrope86 posted miezi 9 iliyopita
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You better have some new fans in that backpack, Morgan ol' pal.
This makala aims to serve as a welcome to new Fear The Walking Dead viewers hitching a ride in Morgan's backpack. Consider this gentle encouragement to give the first 3 seasons a chance ahead of season 4. It is spoiler-free! Well, other than acknowledging that morgan transitions to the show, of course.

In general (in very, very general), the larger TWD fanbase has not been especially supportive of FTWD. Part of this could possibly be AMC's historically poor promotion of the show. I mean, if AMC don't care, why should fans, right?! (AMC have even been promoting season 4 as a reboot so that wewe don't have to watch seasons 1-3 in order to know what is going on in the show. Seriously, AMC?!). But a big part of the FTWD rejection seemed to come down to the first season of the show, which TWD mashabiki seemed to reject quite swiftly.

I'm in no position to explain to wewe why people didn't like season 1. I personally loved it. Maybe part of the issue is that TWD mashabiki came to FTWD with particular ideas about how the zombie apocalypse went down, and when FTWD didn't meet these expectations, they abandoned the show. I'm not sure.
Opinion by Bibi69 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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I know there's already an makala talking about this, but I needed to get this out of my chest. This makala contains spoilers from the Season 3 finale.

I am outraged at the wasted potential that was Troy Otto. This is a character study and I just wanna start kwa saying that Troy deserved so much better and so much zaidi and that the writers totally fucked him over.

From what we know about Troy before we met him, he grew up in an abusive family, with a drunk mom and an alcoholic father. His father was an asshole and an extremely racist being, so it's not a surprise that Troy was too. That's the only thing he ever knew. He grew up in a closed community, didn't go to school like every normal kid did. He was nyumbani schooled, because his father was a paranoid bastard who kept his kids from knowing anything else than the ranch, well Troy at least. Because Jake went to college, and that probably explains why Jake was so different from those two.
Opinion by DarkSarcasm posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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This makala contains spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead's Season 3 Finale. If wewe haven't seen that yet, get lost.

Ok, you've been sufficiently warned, time to get down to it.

Today, we are going to be discussing the tragic loss of a sweet, innocent, wonderful character named Troy Otto.

I don't want to hear your "but he did this and he did THIS and he alisema THAT" bullshit. I know who he is. I know what he did. *points to image*

Troy is my inayopendelewa character in Fear the Walking Dead, and will likely hold that title for as long as the onyesha goes on. The upendo I felt for him was intense and sometimes overwhelming, and brought my enjoyment of the onyesha as a whole to an all-time high. As far as inayopendelewa characters in the entire Walking Dead universe goes, Troy is sekunde only to Shane Walsh of the original show. If you're thinking about sharing any negative maoni about him, please refer to the above image.
List by ggmm27494 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Season 1 Episode 6 The Good Man
Season 1

So Close Yet So Far
The Dog
Not Fade Away
Cobalt (Not sure if spelling is correct)
The Good Man

Season 2
We All Fall Down
Blood In The Streets
Sicut Cervus (Spelling???)
(From Here On I Found These on Wikipedia So They May Not Be Correct)

Los Moertos
Do Not Disturb
Pablo And Jessica
There Are 13 Correct Episodes And 4 Unknown Episodes Because They Have Not Came Out Yet.

There are 16 episodes of Flight 462.

This Was ilitumwa August 14,2016