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posted by Nya_GodessWolf
Hello,some of wewe Feral moyo gamers may know me, im MoonWolf3. known kwa many names. im doing my reveiw of the game. enjoy reading

My reveiw on the game is that its very addictive wich isnt bad because its enjoyable.Its a online game so it requires internet which can sometimes be a pain, but its all worth it.

I find it interesting that wewe can create Maps/areas/worlds, there known kwa many names,objects,presets,and custom presets. i honestly dont know how to do the presets but i do know how to do the maps. its very fun to RP and chat with your Marafiki on Genral,Local,Party,Group, and whisper chat.

I Highly reccomend downloading the game because wewe can create a charachter,name it, and do all sorts of things to personalize it. wewe can:
get a mate
start a family(adoption centers on Bonfire)
and explore
with your charachter

have fun playing and look for me! MoonWolf3
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