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posted by sayy_redd
My name is Chiquita Thomas and i am a very huge shabiki of Fetty Wap, I listen to all of his songs over and over again everyday. When I listen to his songs I can tell that there is meaning to what he sings au rap about. I just want to say that he needs to keep up the good work he is doing, don't let no one stop wewe from doing what wewe upendo best, I support wewe in everything wewe do, Success is the key to life remember that. When wewe strive for the best, wewe actually get the best au what wewe wanted. Basically all im saying is your going to wake up everyday with people who are haters because of many reasons, they want to be like wewe in life, they feel wewe came from nothing but that's okay because so many people i know came from nothing and now they are something in life, so regardless of what wewe wake up to, wewe got to keep moving mbele and keep succeeding.
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