Triple Triad:

In Final ndoto VIII there is a very enjoyable side quest which adds many zaidi hours on to the gameplay of the game. Much like how FFVII has the golden saucer, Final ndoto VIII has a card game system. The name of this card game is Triple Triad. Throughout the duration of the game almost anyone can be challenged to a game of cards. wewe can engage in a game kwa pressing the square button however wewe must have a minimum of 5 cards to play. Cards come in many forms they can be monsters, GF's, Bosses and even characters.

About Cards:

Gained from Monsters, au when Monsters are turned into Cards, Monster Cards are the easiest to come by. I've found, that wewe need to strike a monster once au twice, before attempting a Card Transform. Bosses and Rare Cards cannot be attained kwa the Card Ability. The cards are set up with numeral notations, which denote power levels, a number per side, the higher the number, the stronger the side. Most Cards however, have one to three high sides, and a low side. Call it a balance of power, wewe may be able to best a card on one side, but be ready to have that strong card taken if wewe leave a weak side open to your opponent. I've spent zaidi time with the Triple Triad portion, than the actual Quest, and Lost zaidi Cards than I care to think about. Just remember to save your game before wewe start playing with high/rare Cards, it will save wewe both time and money...time for playing to get your Cards back, and money from throwing your controller against the ukuta when wewe lose.

Level 1 Monsters:

Name: Geezard
Elemental: None
Refine into 5 Screws

Name: Funguar
Elemental: None
Refine: M-stone piece

Name: Bite Bug
Elemental: None
Refine: M-Stone Piece

Name: Red Bat
Elemental: None
Refine into Vampire Fang

Name: Blobra
Elemental: None
4 Refine into 1 Rune Armlet

Name: Gayla
Refine into Mystery Fluid

Name: Gesper
Elemental: None
Refine into Black Hole

Name: Fastitocalon-F
Elemental: Earth
5 Refine into 1 Water Crystal

Name: Blood Soul
Elemental: None
Refine into Zombie Powder

Name: Caterchipillar
Elemental: None
Refine into buibui Web

Name: Cockatrice
Elemental: Lightning
Refine into Cockatrice Pinion