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posted by emilyroxx

Deep in the dungeons of Entasia a newborn baby cried as an angry yell rang out throughout the castle. “MONTOYA!” a man yelled. A young woman walked over to him, squeezing her way past multiple guards. It was a small, dimly lit dungeon. Not really a place where anyone would want to have a baby, but there was a woman laying on a small mat, a man standing inayofuata to her, and two little boys that had just entered the room after the woman.
“Yes, Your Majesty?”
“Out of all the servants in the ngome wewe are the most rebellious one of all!” the king yelled. “And now wewe bring me...
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posted by emilyroxx
Chapter 1

The Beginning

It was the first siku third grade and the students were told to make robots. Okay- now before wewe overreact, let me tell wewe that it was a LEGO robot. And not those complex ones either, I’m talking about the ones that’s arms songesha up and down. Besides, everyone knows that a third grader is best at either Legos au Barbies. All the kids moved with their partners, all but two. I walked over to the teacher, a sullen look on my face. At the same time some weird kid from my class walked over to the teacher. The boy had messy blond hair and large round glasses. He looked like...
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posted by emilyroxx
Chapter 8

Okay, now I suppose I might be going a bit too fast for wewe normal people to comprehend. I bet you’re thinking, “What? Who are these bila mpangilio people?
Who is this Owen person that this kid’s been mentioning? Why am I still kusoma this?” Well, reader, if wewe are still reading, thanks. I need all the help I can get. Saving humanity is tough, wewe know. As for who (or whom, if wewe want to get picky) everyone is, I thought I had covered that already!
    Ruby = annoying-as-heck cousin.
    Maggie = Ruby’s best friend, and second-in-command...
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posted by emilyroxx
Chapter 7
Oh, so many problems.

“Emily?” I heard my dad call. Olivia jumped out the window, while Maggie, Angela, and Becky hid under the bed. Nikki quickly hid herself in my overstuffed closet. Lola tried to follow her in, but got shoved back out and was left standing there without a hiding place.
“Cripes! Ruby, help!”
Thinking fast, Ruby grabbed a small cup from the old wooden meza, jedwali kwa my kitanda and set it on the floor.
“Melt! Now!”
Lola looked horrified. “Melt? In there? Ew, no way! I don’t know where that cup has been! It might be all germy!”
“NOW!” Ruby snarled.
Sucking in...
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posted by emilyroxx
            Chapter 6
         My... friends.

I doubt you’ve ever seen my cousin when she’s angry. Or, maybe wewe have, and I just haven’t met wewe because you’re still recovering. Either way, let me tell you, it’s really, really scary. Almost as scary as an angry me. Anyway, we always onyesha up to group meetings in a specific order. We don’t do this on purpose, though if Ruby had her way, we would all have freaking nametags when we showed up. Ruby always showed up after I did, and after...
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posted by emilyroxx
Chapter 5
             My psych(ic?)otic life.

I walked upstairs into the hallway. We live in a very small two story house, but it’s big enough that Ruby and I each have our own rooms. Ruby’s room is painted purple and filled with books, drawings, and unfinished stories that she’s writing. I rarely go in there except to find our dog Charlie, who likes her room better than mine because it’s ‘neat’ au something stupid like that. Another difference between us. wewe can’t even see the floor in my room, but we still hold group...
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I'm just going to post video that I think are funny on here. This is a parody of the song 'Stuck in the closet' au something.
posted by emilyroxx
Chapter 4
Uberpowers and the troubles they bring.

My dad was quiet for a long time after I finished explaining. “Emily…”
“I know what I did was wrong, dad. But I swear that kid had it coming.” That’s what I hate about parents. Well, adults in general, really. They just don’t understand why a kid punched the other, au why the kid threw a ball at the other ones’ face. I don’t get their logic; they had it coming is a perfectly acceptable excuse to me.
“Well Emily, wewe know the drill. You’re grounded until your suspension is over. But first, could wewe help me with this light?...
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posted by emilyroxx
Hi. I just thought I’d write this for fun before I do the inayofuata chapter of my book. This was actually fun to write, because Emilys' dagger is a big part of herself.
Emily has a dagger that she really loves and uses in almost every fight that she’s in. It’s shaped just like any old dagger, but the color is green to match her eyes. She has this ukanda that she uses to hold her dagger and any other magic items that she has. (Wand, bomb, ext.) Now, the really interesting thing about her dagger is that it isn’t a dagger all the time. It’s enchanted, so that whenever she needs it, the dagger...
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added by emilyroxx
posted by emilyroxx
Chapter 3
Alex’s story part 1.

     Not my fault

“Emily Bitman is the most stuck up, evil little-”
Sam rolled his eyes. “Dude, we know. You’ve been ranting on about her for the past hour”
Alex, Sam, and Zack were sitting at the park under the big tree, which is what they did every siku after school.
“Yeah Al, who cares if your rep is ruined? Who cares if you’re going to be the laughingstock of the whole school tomorrow? Oh wait- wewe do!” Alex rolled his eyes as Zack and Sam high-fived behind me.
“Shut up wewe guys, I told you, it was a lucky throw”
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Okay, I know that this has nothing to do with my story, but I still think that it's pretty clever, so I decided to post it on here.
Lord of the Rings
posted by emilyroxx
Chapter 2


“EMILY!” Kyle cried. It was the gym and the fifth period gym students (that’s us) were doing the most dangerous and horrific thing known to humans and demons alike: dodge ball.
“EMILY!” Kyle’s voice was even louder now as my best friend was desperately dodging balls right and left. I rolled my eyes at my little friend.
“Ok, ok. Sheesh, coming!” I yelled. Kyle was eleven and was in the seventh grade because he’s way too smart for sixth grade. Although, in my opinion, he’s too smart for seventh grade as well as sixth. I was over on the opposite side of the...
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