To be honest I think Freddy was a sweet man, from what I saw in his sinema from his childhood to adulthood, he had a rough time. And growing up all he had was agrressive ness and hate-ness to depend on I guess. But anyway's I understand he tried to be a good man I don't blame him one bit. He loved his family but when his wife turned on him, it was over and then they took away his daughter and everything it's just sad and I hate it! But now that he a monster...that can never BE DESTROYED again? He is alright, I think Freddy is cool... yea he can be a little outwitting and weird from time to time but who cares? I DON'T! I don't blame for Freddy for what he does, let him kill! For all I care, but he done it for revenge. And even though wewe see Freddy as some kind of physco killer running around in ur dreams, doesn't mean he ain't still special right? I upendo him soo much and im such a huge fan.. I collect merchandise of him, I have his glove, glovu in real life, I have a t-shirt with him on, I got all his movies, I got an action figure of him, I upendo HIM ALL THE WAY! i can look up to him, because if somebody turns u down and does u wrong? U gotta get right back up and fight for what wewe want and that's exactly what he did.

SO GOOD JOB FREDDY! Even though he is a vilan, he still has a moyo of dhahabu hidden some where inside of him wewe just can't see it.