Freddy Krueger inayopendelewa Freddy quote?

Pick one:
wewe are what wewe eat
It's super Freddy
It's a boy
bad mwaka dan
where wewe going,piglet the party just started
awww do wewe think i'm your daddy mmmm wrong
great graphics
now im playin with power
i beat my highscore
welcome to primetime
what a rush
the souls of my children
jiunge me Jessie wewe got the body and i got the brain
daddy can't help wewe
i though it uhhh was up to Yeeevooonne
hujambo Nancy no runing in the hallway
all of them
No screaming while the bus is in motion
Man the Torpedos
wewe are ALL my children now.
wewe are ALL my children now.
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Why are wewe screaming I havn't even cut wewe yet
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wewe shouldn &# 39; t sleep in class !!!!
wewe shouldn 't sleep in class !!!!
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Wanna Make Babies?
Wanna Make Babies?
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