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And so it began, in the famous Central Perk, in 1994
When 6 new Marafiki walked through the door
At first, it started when Rachel failed to say “I do”
And then to her dad, she complained she didn’t want to be a “shoe"

Each one of the 236 episodes never failed to spark laughter
Laughter that continued, for a long time after
So many life lessons can be learned from such a show
Even though Marafiki was on, now 20 years ago

For zaidi space in bed, use the “hug and roll” technique
and while looking at the “ugly, naked guy”, wewe will most likely scream eeekk!
If having a girl, name her “Phoebe”,...
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posted by ktgirl266
Rachel's Nicnkames during all 10 seasons of Marafiki :)
Hope wewe like it!!!

Laundry Spaz- aliyopewa kwa Herself
Laundry Virgin- aliyopewa kwa Herself
Greeter Girl- aliyopewa kwa Steve
Big Baby- aliyopewa kwa Monica
Princess- aliyopewa kwa Monica
Big Green Poker Machine- aliyopewa kwa Ross
Aunt Rachel- aliyopewa kwa Ross

Noisy Girl #2- aliyopewa kwa Heckles
Mommy- aliyopewa kwa Monica
Not So Blonde Girl- aliyopewa kwa Tatto Artist
Leaf Blower- aliyopewa kwa Phoebe
Tiger- aliyopewa kwa Chandler
Princess Bubble Yum- aliyopewa kwa Chandler

Mrs. My-Keg-Sucking-Boyfriend-Is-
Stealing-From-Me- aliyopewa kwa Monica
Pumpkin- aliyopewa kwa Monica
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posted by justchilin595
Copyright issues: I don't own this article. I wish I did :) Enjoy and please comment!

The uchungu, chungu winter wind bit his face, as he wrestled his way through the large holiday crowd. He'd always hated shopping—especially at this time of year. In fact, he really wanted to curse out loud, at the shoppers, at the weather…and at Monica for having to work later than normal, because 'it's the holidays'.

"Daddy, I have to go to the potty," Erica pulled on Chandler's right arm, and yanked him from his thoughts. He looked down at his daughter, who was clearly not having a good time, and smiled softly....
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posted by othobsessed92
Ross: [leaning over and talking to Rachel's lap] I can't wait to play with wewe all day, and to hear your first words.
Phoebe: [wide eyed] Why are wewe letting him talk to your crotch that way?
Rachel: He's talking to the baby.
Phoebe: Oh, that's good. Because when I heard, "I can't wait to hear your first words" I thought, "Boy that's some trick!"

Carol: Oh, what do wewe know? No-one's going up to wewe and saying, "Hi, is that your nostril? Mind if we push this
Carol: pot roast through it?"

Ross: I figured after work, I'd pick up a bottle of wine, go over there, and try to... woo her.
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posted by ktgirl266
Here are nicknames that have been aliyopewa to zaidi than one person :)
Thanks, Enjoy, maoni :)

Chandler & Joey = Braclet Buddies
Chandler & Joey = Lazy Boys

Chandler & Joey = Fancy Lads
Chandler & Joey = Roomies
Chandler & Joey = J Man and Channy's

Chandler & Ross = Weenies

Joey, Rachel & Phoebe = Children

Chandler & Monica = upendo Birds
Chandler & Monica = Blahh
Chandler & Monica = The Bings

Ross & Joey = Ball Boys
Ross & Joey = The New Joey and Chandler

Ross & Rachel = Dr. and Mrs. Geller
Ross & Rachel = The Geller's
Ross & Rachel = Lobsters

Phoebe & Rachel = Losers

Ross, Joey & Chandler = The Three Hockeyteers
Ross, Joey & Chandler = Hairy Backed Marries

Joey, Rachel, Phoebe & Ross = Little Elves

Monica, Rachel & Joey = Kids
posted by ktgirl266
Hope wewe like it :)
Please comment!!!

Cheech- aliyopewa kwa Rachel
Aunt Phoebe - aliyopewa kwa Ross

Vidal Buffay- aliyopewa kwa Chandler
Wuss- aliyopewa kwa Rachel
Blonde Girl- aliyopewa kwa the Tatto Artist
Pheebs- aliyopewa kwa Everyone
Scratchy Twin- aliyopewa kwa Monica

Ice Woman- aliyopewa kwa Herself
Cool Aunt Phoebe- aliyopewa kwa Rachel

Vunda- aliyopewa kwa Herself
Goodie-Goodie- aliyopewa kwa Rachel
Blondie- aliyopewa kwa a Stranger
Mrs. Nice Bucket- aliyopewa kwa Herself
Baby-Doll- aliyopewa kwa Gary
Pumpkin- aliyopewa kwa Chandler
Regina Filange- aliyopewa kwa Herself

Flaky- aliyopewa kwa Rachel
Phyllis- aliyopewa kwa Monica
Mrs. Crap Bag- aliyopewa kwa Mike
Princess Consuela Bananahammock- aliyopewa kwa Herself
posted by ktgirl266

Monica's Geeky Older Brother- aliyopewa kwa Himself
Mr. The-Glass-Is-Half-Empty- aliyopewa kwa Chandler
Camper- aliyopewa kwa Chandler
Little Naked Guy- aliyopewa kwa Rachel
Bobo, the Sperm Guy- aliyopewa kwa Susan
Buddy- aliyopewa kwa Monica
Slugger- aliyopewa kwa Mrs. Bing
Mother Kisser- aliyopewa kwa Chandler
Anti-Paolo- aliyopewa kwa Joey
Rossie- aliyopewa kwa Himself
Mom- aliyopewa kwa Susan
Monkey Boy- aliyopewa kwa Rachel
Loser- aliyopewa kwa Rachel
Rossy- aliyopewa kwa Rachel

Mr. Back From the Orient- aliyopewa kwa Rachel
Sweetums- aliyopewa kwa Chandler
Scary Scientist Man- aliyopewa kwa Phoebe
Amish Boy- aliyopewa kwa Chandler
Gel Boy- aliyopewa kwa Rachel
Bitterest Man In the Living...
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posted by ktgirl266
All of Monica's nicknames during all 10 seasons!!
Hope wewe like it :)

Wuss- aliyopewa kwa Rachel
Monana- aliyopewa kwa Herself

Noisy Girl #1- aliyopewa kwa Heckles
Little Harmonica- aliyopewa kwa Jack Geller
Smitten Kitten- aliyopewa kwa Phoebe
Twinkie- aliyopewa kwa Her Parents
Oat- aliyopewa kwa Herself
Cheater, Cheater, Compulsive Eater- aliyopewa kwa Ross
Tiny Little Woman- aliyopewa kwa Herself

Big Fat Goalie- aliyopewa kwa Her Old Hockey Team

Lucky Dog- aliyopewa kwa Chandler
Mugsy- aliyopewa kwa Chandler
Mom- aliyopewa kwa Chandler
Martina- aliyopewa kwa Chandler

Roomie- aliyopewa kwa Chandler
Sweetums- aliyopewa kwa Chandler
Tattle-Tail- aliyopewa kwa Ross
Wily Minx- aliyopewa kwa Phoebe
Big Faker- aliyopewa kwa Chandler
Marcia- aliyopewa kwa Phoebe
Man Trap- aliyopewa kwa Chandler

Ms. Hot Shot Chef- aliyopewa kwa Janice
Candy Lady- aliyopewa kwa Her Neighbors
O'Mally- aliyopewa kwa Chandler
posted by ktgirl266
Joey's nicknames throughout all 10 season:)

Big Guy- aliyopewa kwa Ross
Butt Guy- aliyopewa kwa His Director
Mario- aliyopewa kwa Monica
Kicky- aliyopewa kwa Chandler
Cookie- aliyopewa kwa Mrs. Tribbiani
Flame Boy- aliyopewa kwa Phoebe
Holden McGroin- aliyopewa kwa Himself

Paisan- aliyopewa kwa Chandler
Best Bud- aliyopewa kwa Chandler
Joseph the Processing Guy- aliyopewa kwa Himself
Dillhole- aliyopewa kwa Chandler
Kevin- aliyopewa kwa Rachel
Mr. I'll Let wewe Have Her- aliyopewa kwa Chandler
Lenny- aliyopewa kwa Chandler

Chick- aliyopewa kwa Treager
Mr. Gonzalez- aliyopewa kwa Himself

Doctor- aliyopewa kwa his Stage Director
Ms. Minnelli- aliyopewa kwa Chandler
Big Guy- aliyopewa kwa Chandler
Sick Sick Sick Sicko- aliyopewa kwa Rachel
Mrs. Tribbiani- aliyopewa kwa Chandler
Anti-man- aliyopewa kwa Ross

Greedy Sleeper- aliyopewa kwa Phoebe
Josephine- aliyopewa kwa Chandler
Buddy Boy- aliyopewa kwa Chandler

Matey- aliyopewa kwa Rachel
Pinhead- aliyopewa kwa Rachel
Big Daddy- aliyopewa kwa Himself
V.D. Boy- aliyopewa kwa Ross
posted by ktgirl266
Chandler's nicknames throught all 10 seasons :)
Hope wewe enjoy!!!!!!!

Smirky- aliyopewa kwa Rachel
Kiddo- aliyopewa kwa Mrs. Bing
Mr. Suity Man- aliyopewa kwa Phoebe
Mr. Boss Man- aliyopewa kwa Phoebe
Boss Man Bing- aliyopewa kwa Phoebe
Mr. Caring Boss - aliyopewa kwa Phoebe

Crazy Snake Man- aliyopewa kwa himself
Bob- aliyopewa kwa himself
Fat Boy- aliyopewa kwa Monica
Squirmy- aliyopewa kwa Susie
Tooshie- aliyopewa kwa Ross
Best Bud- aliyopewa kwa Joey
A Wank- aliyopewa kwa himself
Chandy- aliyopewa kwa himself

Bing-A-Ling- aliyopewa kwa Janice
Puppy- aliyopewa kwa Janice
Jack- aliyopewa kwa Eddie
Dork- aliyopewa kwa Margha

Duck- aliyopewa kwa Treager
Clint- aliyopewa kwa Rachel
Gene- aliyopewa kwa Joey
Barney- Given...
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posted by nandacavalieri
We have many screencaps here, so here it’s a orodha to guide us and to not pakia repeated caps. kwa the way, if someone adds please add great keygens (like the season, episode, seasonXepisode, season.episode), it’s easier to find. I listed all episodes, the ones with a link (they’re blue) are the episodes already uploaded here (duuh – obvious). The episodes with ** are the ones incomplete (or with almost no caps). And I’m not counting Mtoll’s caps, ‘cause they are like icons.
If any episode is missing let me know, because there are 579 pages and I didn’t go thru all of them.
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The One Where Ross Proposes

(Its the afternoon. We come into the Central Perk and Ross is sitting on the kitanda kusoma the newspaper. Rachel walks in, gets her coffee and sits down inayofuata to Ross.)

Rachel: Honey?
Ross: (looks at her)Hm?
(kisses him romantically audience oohs.)
Rachel: (both smile) I still got it.

(Ross goes back to kusoma newspaper while Rachel drinks her coffee and Monica walks in.)

Monica: Hey. (sits down on chair across from Rachel)
Rachel: Where's Chandler and the kids?
Monica: Oh, they're bonding. Chandler decided he wanted alone time with them to practice taking...
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1- she told tag that phoebe is gay

2- she told everyone that tag was gay

3-when chandler alisema "either the dog go au i go" she chose the dog to stay (i know everyone alisema that but still)

4- she wanted to stay in Monica's "hotel" room, even though she was the one who burned the house (it's not enough that she took Rachel in)

5-she never is happy when Ross is happy

6-Ross was happy with her sister but she told him to
leave her and he did, but when he told her to leave Elizabeth's dad but she didn't

7-she only hired tag because he looks great

8-she always takes Monica's stuff and never bring it back

9-she exchanges the gifts they bought her

10-she alisema "yes" when joey "proposed"
 ross & rachel
ross & rachel
Okay so i read this beautiful ''post'' on tumblr and i loved it so then i thought about putting it here ;D

David Crane: In [season 8] we had Joey fall for Rachel, and that scared everybody. She was pregnant. The actors freaked out. Matt kept saying, “It’s wrong, It’s like I want to be with my sister.” We said, “Yes, it’s absolutely wrong. That’s why we have to do it.” wewe can’t just keep spinning the same plates. wewe have to go places where you’re not expected to go.

Matt LeBlanc: It felt wildly inappropriate. That’s how close we all were to the character. I was like, “That’s...
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posted by justchilin595
She—the girl—she'd dead?"

"I'm afraid so. Sir, we'd like wewe to come with us—to identify the—to make an identification."

He felt bile rise up in his throat, and his vision grew fuzzy. He could hear voices, but they seemed far away...the tips of his fingers felt cold, then numb.

He shook his head, shook off the shock, and looked up at the men seated before him.

"It…can't be her," he finally rasped, so low the officers almost missed it.

"Sir, if wewe could come with us—"

"It's not her!" Chandler screamed, and rose to his feet.

"Maybe it isn't" Officer Lewis replied, and stood, "but we need...
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posted by justchilin595
Copy right issues: sadly I do not own this article.

Monica was putting on her make up when her 4 mwaka old daughter came in. "Mommy!"
Monica turned around to face her daughter and smiled. "Hi sweetheart." She was adorable in her new red velvet dress.

"I want to see Santa now! What happens if his Rudolph flies away? Then we won't see him ever mommy! Lets go!" Erica alisema tugging on her mother's arm.

Monica laughed and set her daughter in her lap. "Your daddy is still in the shower."

"Make daddy come out now!" Erica whined. "I want to see Santa!"

"I know honey and wewe will. He will be there when we...
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posted by Daratora

Ross- Rach, I’m going to work, will wewe be okay with Emma? (Heading out the door)

Rachel- I am her mother! I think I can handle my own child!

Ross- Jeese, why so mean? I was just making sure wewe didn’t have any plans au something.

Rachel- Oh, I’m sorry, Ross. I just have been so high strung lately. After refusing to go to Paris, I’ve been so hormonal. I think I’ll take Emma to the park and take a long walk; just the two of us.

Ross- Ok, honey. I just wanna make sure wewe were OK. I mean, maybe it’s all the wedding planning too. Monica used to get this way… Anyways…...
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posted by justchilin595
DID wewe REALIZE...That in "TOW Monica's thunder", Monica alisema to Rachel that on the night of her wedding siku she is going to announce that she is pregnant. But in "TO after I do". At Monica's wedding Rachel announced to Monica and Phoebe that she was pregnant?

DID wewe REALIZE...Monica married Ross' best friend "Chandler" and Ross married Monica's best friend "Rachel?"

DID wewe REALIZE...That everyone got together out of town. Ross and Rachel in Vegas. Monica and Chandler in London. Joey and Rachel in Barbados. Ross and Chalie in Barbados. Phoebe and Mike in Barbados?

DID wewe REALIZE...That Ross...
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I didn't write this fanfic, I found it on

Wrote kwa matthewperry4ever.

It takes place when Pheobe is giving birth to her triplets. It's right when Joey starts to film and says "and so the miracle of life begins" Instead of him gettting kidney stones something else happens. No one knows about Monica and Chandler yet...

And if I use some of the lines from the onyesha au from movies, just try to ignore that. They just so happen to fit perfectly with the current situations, is all. I could think of new ones but those happened to work.

Legal crap: i don't own anything.

Part One:

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Name: Joseph Francis Tribbiani Jr.
D.O.B. : January 9, 1968
Gender: Male
Martial Status: Single
Occupation(s): Actor
Nickname(s): Joey, Joe
-Father: Joseph Francis Tribbiani Sn.
-Mother: Gloria Tribbiani
-Sister(s): Tina, Dina, Gina, Mary Angela, Mary Therese, Cookie, Veronica Tribbiani.

The Hannigan's


Name: Mike Hannigan
D.O.B. : N/A
Gender: Male
Martial Status: Married
Occupation(s): Pianist
-Spouse: Phoebe Buffay-Hannigan (2004-Present)
-Father: Theodore Hannigan, Frank Buffay Sn. (Father-in-law)
-Mother: Betsy Hannigan, Lily Buffay (deceased), Phoebe Abbott (Mother-in-law)...
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