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 Ross and Rachel
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1. It managed to run for ten seasons without getting boring.
2. It had non-stop funniness in every episode.
3. When the last episode ended wewe wanted to cry.
4. wewe feel like you're one of them.
5. They're not always predictable, unlike some other shows.
6. There's so many different ideas.
7. Their chemistry is GREAT.
8. wewe think you're going to die laughing at it.
9. wewe don't care how many times you've already seen each episode.
10. It can be extremely like real life.

This is only ten I can think of many more...
 Since the beginning...
Since the beginning...
wewe got a dinosaur freak and a fashion freak. Added up in this situation oddly makes: L.O.V.E. Strange as it sounds this combination makes a couple that was and still is known as one of the greatest shows on television.
Marafiki most favored couple is still Ross and Rachel. They are known for their complex relationship throughout the ten years of FRIENDS. Their ups and downs between each seasons is what drove audiences all over the world crazy. But how is it, that a dinosaur freak and a fashion freak, came together and managed to be a couple? Lets just take a look back on their history...
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