wewe realise that your strong the instant someone tells wewe so. wewe realise that your special when someone shows you, wewe understand upendo only when a person is willing to give it to you. That person, the one who makes wewe realise and see all this, that person is your happiness.
Tohru, wewe are my happiness.

When she smiles, she does it as if there was no worries, no depression. To her, a smile is just a way of apperiance, to me it is a new world. Sadly, she is also a human, and at times even she is weak. From the strongest individual in this world known to us, to becoming a little brat who's only intension is to cry. Oh, I remember in particular one time, when she cried, because of me. Tohru hid her face, and wouldn't onyesha it to me, either afraid of appearing as weak au afraid of me getting annoyed. She wouldn't look at us before she was calm and could onyesha that smile of hers again, so she could comfort me.

That kind of person, someone who would set anyone else first before herself, how can such a person even live in this world? An evil world, with monsters around every corner, with traps set up only for them? She's experienced many of them, those traps, those monsters, still she keeps on smiling, as always, melting aways any kind of anger au regret. She is our happiness, my happiness.