D.J. and Kimmy organize the “Spring Backwards Dance” at school. For this dance, girls must ask boys to the dance. D.J. is too nervous to ask Kevin Gwynn, so Stephanie does it for her (which D.J. thanks her for with a hug).

At the dance, D.J. finds Kevin and two other boys, Sam and Paul, drinking beer. She swipes a can away from them in an effort to stop them. Unfortunately, this is when Jesse enters the hallway and sees D.J. holding the can. As a result, Jesse goes crazy and wrongfully accuses D.J. of drinking, and he, Danny, and Joey do not believe her when she tries to explain she was not drinking and that she was trying to stop Kevin, Sam and Paul from drinking.

Back at the school, D.J. learns that Kevin, Paul and Sam had gotten suspended for bia consumption. Kevin apologizes to D.J. for his actions and getting her into trouble, and when Jesse and Danny catch up, he tells them the whole truth, and Jesse apologizes to his niece.

Meanwhile, Joey has bought Michelle a tape of children’s songs kwa a singer named Raffi, and Stephanie wishes otherwise when Michelle becomes obsessed with the song “Baby Beluga” (which Stephanie herself used to like). However, Michelle has played that song over and over so much, that the tape is ruined beyond repair. As a result, Stephanie is relieved when she hears about it.


Now, from my perspective, this was a good reactionary episode. Unlike the “I broke the house” bit of the awali episode, this one delivers real reactions, and overreactions.

Jesse catches D.J. holding the bia can and saying how she wants to party. Immediately, he assumes she’s been drinking, and her pleas fall on deaf ears.

The truth is, she caught Kevin, the boy she liked, and two other boys, Sam and Paul, drinking bia in the hallway, and she had told Kevin “no” when he asked her if she wanted some. Basically, she was trying to point out how dumb it was, as well as how stupid they looked. Her talk about partying was done for the sake of sarcasm.

However, the guys don’t believe D.J., mostly because of youth being what it is, as well as D.J.’s awali “truth bends” during the hivi karibuni week.

The truth does come out, and Jesse apologizes to D.J. for not believing her (as well as berating himself for not listening to her side of the story). Although it finishes with Jesse having a talk with D.J. instead of Danny, there’s a real reason here, since Jesse was the one to go off on her to start.