Full House is a maarufu sitcom that started in the 1980s and ended in the 1990s. The onyesha had a spin off named Fuller House. The onyesha has a big group of memorable and fun characters and this orodha is about my juu 5 favorites.

5. Stephanie Tanner

Stephanie is the 2nd youngest of Danny Tanner's daughters. Since she's younger than D. J. she's zaidi immature. Her sarcasm and wit are amusing. She's quite funny every time she says "How rude."

4. Danny Tanner

Danny is Bob Saget's character. He's the kind and loving, but "nerdy" dad of the Tanner sisters. He's a good dad and friend. Despite being the most mature guy character in the onyesha he's funny at times, especially in episode 17 where he pretends like he has a villainous brother.

3. Joey Gladstone

Joey is a comedian who is Marafiki with Danny and Jessie. Since he's a comedian he's 1 of the funniest characters in the show. He's a goofy person and because of that he's 1 of the show's stand out characters.

2. Michelle Tanner

Michelle is the youngest of the Tanner sisters. She was played kwa the maarufu Olsen sisters, Ashely and Mary Kate. Michelle is the most amusing and adorable female Full House character. Her popularity is understandable and well earned.

1. Jessie

I think Jessie is the funniest Full House character. His eccentric and silly personality traits lead to the show's LOL moments. He's a immature guardian to the Tanner sisters, but a nice person who will always do what's right. Plus John Stamos is a likeable and talented actor.