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posted by Kittencutie11
hujambo I am Kittencutie11, I made this club for other people like me who want to be designers. My dream is that I open a small ubunifu duka and work my way up and eventually get a super big job like making clothes for Tyra Banks au Heidi Klum. It sounds really out of my leauge but thats my dream and I am working on saving up $25,000 to start my shop. I want anyone who has a fashion dream to make an makala au foramu I let wewe hear mine lets hear ya'lls dreams! Don't be afraid to express yourself I made this just so we can express ourselves! Never ever let someone get in the way of your dream we all have some jerk blocking our way but don't ever, and I mean never let them win! If wewe just push them out of mind and out of your way they can never win. Trust me and let people hear what wewe have to say!