I asked people that voted to rank their inayopendelewa Game of Thrones characters, and they ametoa maoni with their ranks. A total of seventeen users took part. The ranks here are an average of the ranks of everyone that commented. The scoring of the ranks was done kwa a total point score (combined points to each character from the lists of all of the people that participated)! For example, if somebody had Ned Stark as #1 on their list, then Ned gets 10 points. If another person has him as #2, he gets 9 points and so on. If Ned is not in ranked in the juu 10 on somebody's list, he gets no points.

So here are the 10 most maarufu characters as voted kwa the public!



10. Petyr Baelish/Bran Stark

This is the only position in the juu 10, where there was a tie. I was quite surprised to see Petyr so high, since I thought quite a lot of people didn't like him. As for Bran, he's really adorable and sweet, so he deserves to be in juu 10.

Top Ranked PETYR (1-3)
BelleAnastasia (1)
FlightofFantasy (3)

Mid Ranked PETYR (4-7)
Saejima (4)
escada (7)

Bottom Ranked PETYR (8-10)
torfinn (8)
delamico (10)

Top Ranked BRAN (1-3)
torfinn (1)
hey287 (2)

Mid Ranked BRAN (4-7)

Bottom Ranked BRAN (8-10)
delamico (8)
daenerys (8)
AryaStark21 (9)
mals_bizjak (9)
D_J267 (9)
jboo41189 (9)

9. Sandor Clegane

On 9th place is Sandor Clegane. The Hound, as he is widely known seems to have people who like him, despite his somewhat ugly face and the fact that he is zaidi a villain than a good guy.

Top Ranked (1-3)
Saejima (2)

Mid Ranked (4-7)
hey287 (4)
FlightofFantasy (4)
D_J267 (6)
thais_chrestani (6)

Bottom Ranked (8-10)
martinachan (9)

8. Jorah Mormont

The knight from Westeros who has fled from his homeland and is serving Daenerys Targaryen is inayofuata on the list. His seriousness, and his loyalty have proven to be worthy of respect and admiration. Even though there are not a lot of people, who have him high on their lists, he is still a very likable character.

Top Ranked (1-3)
escada (3)

Mid Ranked (4-7)
thais_chrestani (5)
torfinn (6)
martinachan (6)

Bottom Ranked (8-10)
Saejima (8)
hey287 (8)
sk91 (8)
delamico (9)
FlightofFantasy (10)

7. Syrio Forel

One of the most enigmatic characters has made it to the 7th place in this countdown. Even though little is known of Syrio's life before he meets Arya, his awesome accent and superior sword fighting skills have made him an extremely interesting character for the audience.

Top Ranked (1-3)
Articuno224 (3)
torfinn (3)

Mid Ranked (4-7)
martinachan (4)
delamico (5)
BelleAnastasia (7)
AryaStark21 (7)

Bottom Ranked (8-10)
Priscilita22 (9)

6. Jaime Lannister

The Queen's twin brother is inayofuata on the list. Even though he appears quite villainous and sinister, there still seems to be quite a few people who are captured kwa his charm and his smooth ways.

Top Ranked (1-3)
Saejima (1)
FlightofFantasy (2)
hey287 (3)

Mid Ranked (4-7)
BelleAnastasia (4)
escada (4)
martinachan (5)
daenerys (6)
thais_chrestani (7)

Bottom Ranked (8-10)
mals_bizjak (8)
D_J267 (8)
sk91 (10)

5. Robb Stark

Another one of the Stark boys made it to the juu 10. The new king of the North is a really charming and attractive character, so he definitely deserves his place among the most liked characters on the show.

Top Ranked (1-3)
Articuno224 (1)
martinachan (1)
mals_bizjak (3)

Mid Ranked (4-7)
daenerys (4)
jboo41189 (4)
AryaStark21 (5)
sk91 (5)
D_J267 (5)
Priscilita22 (6)
torfinn (7)

Bottom Ranked (8-10)

4. Jon Snow

Jon Snow, the bastard son of Ned Stark, is inayofuata on the list. Some people might find his whiny, but the majority of viewers actually like his charming personality and noble actions.

Top Ranked (1-3)
daenerys (1)
mals_bizjak (1)
sk91 (1)
D_J267 (1)
jboo41189 (1)
BelleAnastasia (2)

Mid Ranked (4-7)
Articuno224 (4)
Priscilita22 (4)
AryaStark21 (6)

Bottom Ranked (8-10)
torfinn (10)

3. Daenerys Targaryen

A female character actually made it to the juu 10. Dany's heartbreaking story as well as her determination, free spirit and beauty has won her many fans.

Top Ranked (1-3)
delamico (1)
hey287 (1)
thais_chrestani (1)
sk91 (2)
jboo41189 (2)
Priscilita22 (2)
daenerys (3)

Mid Ranked (4-7)
AryaStark21 (4)
D_J267 (4)
escada (5)
Articuno224 (6)
mals_bizjak (6)
FlightofFantasy (6)

Bottom Ranked (8-10)
BelleAnastasia (9)

2. Arya Stark

The little Stark girl is one of the most loved Game of Thrones characters. She made it to almost every one's list, who participated in this countdown. She's an awesome and interesting character, and she definitely deserved her high place.

Top Ranked (1-3)
daenerys (2)
D_J267 (2)
torfinn (2)
delamico (3)
AryaStark21 (3)
sk91 (3)
thais_chrestani (3)
jboo41189 (3)
martinachan (3)
Priscilita22 (3)

Mid Ranked (4-7)
Articuno224 (5)
BelleAnastasia (6)
hey287 (7)

Bottom Ranked (8-10)
FlightofFantasy (8)
Saejima (9)

1. Tyrion Lannister

The Imp, as he is widely known, is in most cases loved kwa the fans. His witty and sarcastic lines, clever actions and ujumla, jumla awesome personality has made him the most maarufu Game of Thrones character, and winner in this countdown!

Top Ranked (1-3)
FlightofFantasy (1)
Articuno224 (2)
AryaStark21 (2)
escada (2)
martinachan (2)
Saejima (3)
D_J267 (3)

Mid Ranked (4-7)
sk91 (4)
BelleAnastasia (5)
daenerys (5)
mals_bizjak (5)
jboo41189 (5)
Priscilita22 (5)
hey287 (6)

Bottom Ranked (8-10)
thais_chrestani (8)