I asked people that voted to rank their inayopendelewa Game of Thrones characters, and they ametoa maoni with their ranks. A total of 23 users took part. The ranks here are an average of the ranks of everyone that commented. The scoring of the ranks was done kwa a total point score (combined points to each character from the lists of all of the people that participated)! For example, if somebody had Ned Stark as #1 on their list, then Ned gets 10 points. If another person has him as #2, he gets 9 points and so on. If Ned is not in ranked in the juu 10 on somebody's list, he gets no points.

So here are the 10 most maarufu characters as voted kwa the public!



10. Bran Stark
Can a man still be brave if he's afraid?

Last year's position: 10

The sweet, adorable Bran made it in the juu 10 orodha for a sekunde mwaka in a row. Even though he didn't succeed to improve his rankings from last year, his presence in the juu 10 proves that people still find him adorable and interesting.

Top Ranked (1-3)
LovelyCupkake (1)
torfinn (2)

Mid Ranked (4-7)
MuffinFan (5)
DarkSarcasm (6)
moonlit_days (6)

Bottom Ranked (8-10)
misanthrope86 (8)
DHfan4ever (9)
Articuno224 (10

9. Petyr Baelish
A bag of dragoni buys a man's silence for a while, but a well-placed quarrel buys it forever.

Last year's position: 10

Without a doubt, one of the most controversial people on the show. Petyr is either loved au hated, but people are very rarely indifferent to him. Yet, he still succeeded to make it to the juu 10, possibly due to his enigmatic and unusual personality.

Top Ranked (1-3)
Zalax (1)
BelleAnastasia (2)
Saejima (3)

Mid Ranked (4-7)
thais_chrestani (5)
DarkSarcasm (7)
DHfan4ever (7)

Bottom Ranked (8-10)
escada (10)
Maja2601 (10)

8. Jaqen H'ghar
A girl should be bloody too. This is her work.

Last year's position: none

I personally think that Jaqen is one of the most interesting characters on the show. His past is unknown, nobody knows where he came from, what is he capable of and most importantly, who is he. He says he has things to do, but what are these things? Where is he off to, after he separated from Arya? So many maswali and no answers. I believe a lot of people feel the same way towards him, as I do, therefore he easily made his way into this year's juu 10.

Top Ranked (1-3)
moonlit_days (3)

Mid Ranked (4-7)
Maja2601 (4)
LovelyCupkake (5)
escada (6)
QueridaPantufa (6)

Bottom Ranked (8-10)
thais_chrestani (8)
MuffinFan (8)
daenerys (9)
Saejima (9)
torfinn (9)
BelleAnastasia (10)
Zalax (10)
kookiemonsta666 (10)
dine112 (10)
nuija (10)

7. Sansa Stark
My skin has turned to porcelain, to ivory, to steel.

Last year's position: none

I am so happy to see that Sansa made it to the juu 10! She is so adorable and sweet. I honestly believe she doesn't deserve the hate she gets from so many people! After all, she's just a young and inexperienced girl, who learns things the hard way.

Top Ranked (1-3)
thais_chrestani (1)
moonlit_days (1)
misanthrope86 (2)
LovelyCupkake (3)

Mid Ranked (4-7)
Maja2601 (5)
BelleAnastasia (7)
QueridaPantufa (7)

Bottom Ranked (8-10)
NateHeartSerena (8)
nuija (8)
D_J267 (9)

6. Jaime Lannister
I think it passing odd that I am loved kwa one for a kindness I never did, and reviled kwa so many for my finest act.

Last year's position: 6

Jaime managed to keep his position from last year, despite his low number of scenes in the sekunde season. He still continues to be the charming and witty knight, and his qualities still entertain the viewers.

Top Ranked (1-3)
Saejima (1)
dine112 (2)
daenerys (3)

Mid Ranked (4-7)
BelleAnastasia (4)
moonlit_days (4)
FrostSilver (5)
D_J267 (6)
DHfan4ever (6)
thais_chrestani (6)
NateHeartSerena (6)

Bottom Ranked (8-10)
DarkSarcasm (8)
escada (8)
Zalax (8)

5. Robb Stark
I asked him, How can a man be brave if he's afraid? That is the only time a man can be brave, he told me.

Last year's position: 5

Robb continues to win zaidi and zaidi people with his charm, leadership abilities and humanity. And I personally adore his accent.

Top Ranked (1-3)
FrostSilver (1)
Articuno224 (1)
dine112 (1)
DHfan4ever (2)
escada (2)
NateHeartSerena (3)

Mid Ranked (4-7)
DarkSarcasm (4)
MuffinFan (4)
nuija (4)
torfinn (5)
moonlit_days (7)

Bottom Ranked (8-10)
QueridaPantufa (9)
misanthrope86 (9)
LovelyCupkake (9)

4. Jon Snow
I don't know who my mother was.

Last year's position: 4

Even though his actions are not particularly smart sometimes, he still continues to be one of the most-lived GoT characters. His accent is awesome and it's really fun to see how he always try to do the right thing, but sometimes his good intentions end up with not so good consequences.

Top Ranked (1-3)
D_J267 (1)
daenerys (1)
FrostSilver (2)
LovelyCupkake (2)
MuffinFan (2)
Maja2601 (3)

Mid Ranked (4-7)
QueridaPantufa (5)
kookiemonsta666 (5)
nuija (5)
BelleAnastasia (6)
dine112 (6)
misanthrope86 (7)
Articuno224 (7)
NateHeartSerena (7)

Bottom Ranked (8-10)
Zalax (9)

3. Daenerys Targaryen
No one will take my dragons.

Last year's position: 3

For a sekunde mwaka in a row Dany managed to keep her position, and be one of three most-favorite characters in Game of Thrones. People seem to be admire her for her determination, strong will and inner strength.

Top Ranked (1-3)
QueridaPantufa (1)
Maja2601 (1)
daenerys (2)
delamico (2)
Articuno224 (2)
BelleAnastasia (3)
misanthrope86 (3)
dine112 (3)
nuija (3)

Mid Ranked (4-7)
D_J267 (4)
kookiemonsta666 (4)
NateHeartSerena (5)
Zalax (6)

Bottom Ranked (8-10)
DHfan4ever (8)
thais_chrestani (10)

2. Tyrion Lannister
Those are brave men. Let's go kill them.

Last year's position: 1

He is without a doubt one of the funniest and most amusing characters on the show. His witty remarks and smart comments, along with his ability to influence people has won his many fans.

Top Ranked (1-3)
BelleAnastasia (1)
DHfan4ever (1)
escada (1)
nuija (1)
QueridaPantufa (2)
Maja2601 (2)
kookiemonsta666 (2)
D_J267 (3)
FrostSilver (3)
Articuno224 (3)
Zalax (3)
MuffinFan (3)

Mid Ranked (4-7)
misanthrope86 (4)
NateHeartSerena (4)
dine112 (4)
Saejima (5)

Bottom Ranked (8-10)
delamico (9)

1. Arya Stark
Fear cuts deeper than swords.

Last year's position: 2

She might be still a child, but she's been through zaidi than most of the characters on the show. Arya continues to impress with her bravery, ability to deal with tough situations and intelligence.

Top Ranked (1-3)
torfinn (1)
misanthrope86 (1)
kookiemonsta666 (1)
NateHeartSerena (1)
MuffinFan (1)
D_J267 (2)
DarkSarcasm (2)
moonlit_days (2)
nuija (2)
QueridaPantufa (3)

Mid Ranked (4-7)
FrostSilver (4)
BelleAnastasia (5)
daenerys (5)
delamico (5)
Articuno224 (5)
Zalax (5)
dine112 (5)
LovelyCupkake (6)

Bottom Ranked (8-10)
Saejima (8)
escada (9)
DHfan4ever (10)

***A special mention of Sandor Clegane, Jorah Mormont and Syrio Forel, who were in last year's most inayopendelewa GoT characters juu 10, but couldn't make it this year!***