The juu 20 Game of Thrones characters as voted kwa you.
For this article, I used a simple system. I'm gonna explain it briefly so none of wewe think I just made this orodha up :P
Anyway, assuming your orodha was this:
1. Jon Snow
2. Robb Stark
3. Arya Stark
Then I would give Jon 10 points, Robb 9 points, Arya 8 points and so on. The lowest someone can score is 1 point, which a character gets from being in the 10th rank.
There were a few ties, but I figured it doesn't matter. It only allows me to include even zaidi people in the article.
P.S. I would have aliyopewa pictures and descriptions to all of the characters, but fanpop wouldn't let me pakia zaidi images, so :P I think wewe all know who wewe voted for without me explaining it.
Ookay, here's the list:


1. Tyrion Lannister (124 votes)
#1 Winner: Tyrion Lannister

- Played kwa Peter Dinklage.
"Never forget what wewe are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor and it can never be used to hurt you."
The youngest child of Tywin Lannister, the lord of Casterly Rock, Tyrion has been a fan-favorite from the start, probably thanks to his witty nukuu and humorous attitude towards tricky situations. Tyrion has always been very self-aware, mostly because he was born a dward, and has been reminded of it his entire life. But as he so claims, everything is better with some wine in the belly, a philosophy which he proves to be true in numerous episodes.

2. Arya Stark (118 votes)
#2 Winner: Arya Stark

- Played kwa Maisie Williams
"Nothing isn't better au worse than anything. Nothing is just...nothing."
When the character of Arya was first introduced, many were quick to label her as the basic "tomboy", the girl who doesn't want to be a lady. Which is what she is, in many ways. But after witnessing the execution of her father, and seeing the rest of her family butchered, Arya slowly grew up to a very capable warrior, whose mental strength is one of the best in the whole series.

3. Jaime Lannister (109 votes)
#3 Winner: Jaime Lannister

- Played kwa Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
"There are no men like me. Only me."
The character with certainly the most character development (which, hopefully, wasn't all tossed down the toilet thanks to 4x03) on the onyesha is Jaime. In the beginning of season 1 he was an arrogant knight who ended up tossing a 10-year old boy out of the window. Over the seasons, thanks to many encounters, he's become almost a hero, even. But it's too early to say if this behavior will continue (on the show, I mean), for Jaime has always been a character with unexpected events happening to him. One would be getting his sword hand cut off at the beginning of season 3.

4. Daenerys Targaryen (90 votes)
#4 Winner: Daenerys Targaryen

- Played kwa Emilia Clarke
"I swear to wewe that those who would harm wewe will die screaming."
Daenerys has been, from the get go, the character that even the people who don't watch the onyesha know. Probably mostly because of her looks and her impressive speeches, including shouts like "Khaleesi" and "Mother of Dragons." After her brother's death (who, to their family, was the true heir to the Iron kiti cha enzi of Westeros), Daenerys turned her eyes towards her homeland, and ever since then she has been gathering an army, and perhaps someday she will actually set sail to Westeros, with her army of Unsullied, and her three dragons.

5. Jon Snow (76 votes)
#5 Winner: Jon Snow

- Played kwa Kit Harington
"I've done plenty wrong."
Jon is another character with a lot of character development (in my opinion, anyway). In season 1 he was Ned Stark's bastard, who decided to jiunge the ancient order of the Night's Watch, whose job is to guard the ukuta from whatever lies beyond. As the seasons (and books) go by, Jon starts to take on zaidi responsibility than he could ever have imagined, and in season 4 it's very clear that he's become the sort of leader his Lord Commander had trained him to be.

6. Margaery Tyrell/Sansa Stark (65 votes)
#6 Winner: Margaery Tyrell

- Played kwa Natalie Dormer
"I want to be the queen." The daughter of Mace Tyrell, Lord of Highgarden, was first seen in season 2 as the young bride of Renly Baratheon, one of the kings in the "War of Five Kings". But after Renly's passing the Tyrells moved over to side with the Lannisters, making Margaery Joffrey Baratheon's betrothed. Even though Margaery might pass as a nice, gentle girl, she's very ambitious, and very eager indeed to be the queen.

#6 Winner: Sansa Stark

- Played kwa Sophie Turner
"The worst ones always live."
- The fans' reaction towards Sansa has changed over the years. In season 1 nobody liked Sansa, au that's at least what it seemed like. Maybe they had a reason, because Sansa, like many other character, has changed a great deal. In season 1 she was a tad naive and dreamy, completely in upendo with her betrothed, Joffrey. But after he beheaded Sansa's father, Sansa came to the realization that if she wants to stay alive, she needs to keep playing the mind games of King's Landing, and in a onyesha that a great deal of characters die kwa the season, Sansa is still there, fighting in her own way.

7. Robb Stark (59 votes)
#7 Winner: Robb Stark

- Played kwa Richard Madden
"I'm not fighting for justice if I don't serve justice to murderers in my ranks, no matter how highborn."
The oldest son of Ned Stark, when hearing of his father's arrest, Robb called up his banners and marched into war against the Lannisters. The young lord was soon crowned King in the North, and for a while it seemed like Robb would win, and free the North from the South. But after a few bad turns, and the betrayal of his bannermen, Robb, his mother and his wife were all murdered at a wedding feast.
Robb was much like his father. Courageous and honorable, but he also had the sense of battle strategy, which made him a good commander.

8. Tywin Lannister/Cersei Lannister (41 votes)
#8 Winner: Tywin Lannister

- Played kwa Charles Dance
"The lion doesn't concern himself with the opinions of the sheep."
Lord of Casterly Rock and the Hand of the King, Tywin has always possessed a sense of duty and pride towards his family. It's alisema that everyone in the Seven Kingdoms lives in fear of Tywin Lannister. It's also alisema that he shits gold. Over the season it has become quite clear that no matter how much Tywin, however smart his advice is, preaches about the importance of family and legacy, he seems to care zaidi about the idea of a family legacy than his actual children, as his daughter pointed out ins season 3. However Tywin's got the mind and he's got the courage, and there's a reason almost everyone fears him.

#8 Winner: Cersei Lannister

- Played kwa Lena Headey
"The zaidi people wewe love, the weaker wewe are."
The fans' reactions towards Cersei have always been mixed. It's alisema that wewe either upendo her, au wewe hate her. Cersei loves her children, which, according to her brother, Tyrion, is her only redeeming quality (and her cheekbones). Over the seasons Cersei starts to take up Tyrion's advice about how wine makes everything better, and she also starts to realize that her son, Joffrey, ruling might not have been the best idea in the world. Cersei is pretty realistic and a private person, which becomes clear every time she's about to open up about something.

9. Eddard 'Ned' Stark (39 votes)
#9 Winner: Eddard 'Ned' Stark

- Played kwa Sean maharage, maharagwe
"I grew up with soldiers. I learned how to die a long time ago."
The ultimate main character in season 1 was kwa far Ned Stark. He was honorable, a wise adviser to his friend, the king, and a good father to his children. And it was a total shock to everyone (who had not read the books) when he was executed at the end of season 1, for treason that he had not committed. This action set the civil war in Westeros in motion, and was the first songesha in separating the Stark family from each other indefinitely.

10. Brienne of Tarth (35 votes)
#10 Winner: Brienne of Tarth

- Played kwa Gwendoline Christie
"If it please you, Brienne's enough. I'm no lady."
The character of Brienne was first introduced in season 2 as the loyal guardian of Renly Baratheon. But after Renly's murder Brienne moved to serve the Starks, and now, in season 4, she's in King's Landing as a friend of Jaime Lannister, the man she used to despise. Brienne is an excellent swordsman - woman - and she's very loyal. Even after Catelyn Stark's death, she is determined to keep her vow to the lady and return her daughters to safety.

11. Olenna Tyrell (32 votes)
#11 Winner: Olenna Tyrell

- Played kwa Diana Rigg
"'Growing strong'. The dullest words of any House."
The mother of the lord of Highgarden, Olenna is very mbele and honest, and might seem pretty intimidating at first hand. She takes good care of her granddaughter, Margaery, and also takes an interest in Sansa Stark in season 3. Even the forward-speaking characters like Tywin and Tyrion get silenced in her presence, and that is saying a lot.

12. Oberyn Martell/Asha Greyjoy (30 votes)
#12 Winner: Oberyn Martell

- Played kwa Pedro Pascal
"Tell your father I'm here. Tell him the Lannisters aren't the only ones who pay their debts."
Still a relatively new character in season 4 (to everyone who has not read the books), Oberyn became a fan-favorite almost immediately, thanks to his charm and interesting personality. Oberyn has been described as a great warrior, very familiar with poisons and combat skills. He's also described as quick-tempered, which became clear in 4x01 when, while visiting a brothel, he stabbed a Lannister soldier through the hand.

#12 Winner: Asha Greyjoy

- Played kwa Gemma Whelan
"Anything with a cock is easy to fool."
The only daughter of Balon Greyjoy, the Lord of the Iron Islands, Asha (or Yara, as they're calling her on the show) is a proven warrior and is very comfortable in her own skin, as the young woman who's been at sea half her life, living it kwa the rules of the Iron Islanders, their main point being "we do not sow". When Asha is reunited with her brother, Theon, things do not go smoothly, but still, when he gets taken, she decides to go and rescue him, despite her father's wishes.

13. Ygritte (23 votes)
#13 Winner: Ygritte

- Played kwa Rose Leslie
"I'm a free woman. I may be your prisoner, but I'm a free woman."
It was clear from the very beginning that the wildling girl Ygritte is fierce and independent, needing no man to take care of her. She has also proven herself to be a rather big know-it-all. Surely everyone has heard her inayopendelewa saying "You know nothing, Jon Snow." When Jon breaks his vows to the girl and leaves her, Ygritte gets vengeful, and is even zaidi eager to strike on the ukuta and take down the Night's Watch.

14. Theon Greyjoy (22 votes)
#14 Winner: Theon Greyjoy

- Played kwa Alfie Allen
"Do wewe know what it's like to hear how lucky wewe are to be someone's prisoner?"
In season 1 Theon was a cocky lad and a loyal friend to Robb Stark, but in season 2 he gets pulled back under the influence of his family, which leads him to betray Robb and take the nyumbani of Starks, which eventually leads to Theon getting captured kwa the bastard of Bolton, Ramsay Snow. After a long time and an insane amount of torture, the Theon Greyjoy mashabiki knew from season 1 had been transformed into Reek, Ramsay's obedient servant.

15. Jojen Reed (20 votes)
#15 Winner: Jojen Reed

- Played kwa Thomas Brodie-Sangster
Jojen and his sister Meera first appear in season 3, and their primary goal was to find Bran, and to help him understand his abilities as a warg. As the season goes on, Bran and the Reeds decide to go beyond the ukuta to find the three-eyed raven. Jojen is very smart for his age, and a great friend to Bran, who helped the Stark boy understand a great amount of things about himself.

16. Catelyn Stark/Beric Dondarrion (19 votes)
17. Jorah Mormont (18 votes)
18. Jaqen H'ghar/Sandor Clegane/Bran Stark (16 votes)
19. Daario Naharis (12 votes)
20. Stannis Baratheon/Bronn/Melisandre (11 votes)

Thoughts on the results?