Notes: Credit goes to the creators and owners of Game of Thrones. This shabiki story is meant for comedy so please don't take it seriously.

Sansa Stark walked outside the kingdom. It was late in the morning, but she was already tired.

Tyrion walked to her and alisema "How's it going?"

She alisema "Bad and I won't tell wewe why." Tyrion could tell she was in a bad mood so he walked away.

She felt like talking to nobody, but Jon Snow showed up. She growled.

Jon Snow alisema "I have sad news. Grand Maester Pycelle got killed."

She sarcastically alisema "I'm going to miss that creepy old guy."

Jon alisema "Sister it's good to see you."

She alisema "I'm not really related to you. Stop pretending like wewe matter." She walked away.

She was tired of the kingdom. She walked away from the kingdom. She wasn't sure where she was going.

20 dakika later she looked around and realized that she didn't know where she was. There was hardly anybody else around. She saw Lancel Lannister.

Sansa alisema "Lance a Lot where am I?"

Lancel alisema "Wherever you're at." Sansa spit on him.

She walked into a mysterious forest. She stared around feeling confused. She alisema "I don't know what I'm doing. Why am I here?"

She noticed that there was a river full of clean and relaxing water in front of her. She alisema "I've been so busy that I haven't bathed this week." She looked around to make sure that nobody else was there. She got undressed and took a bath in the river. She alisema "I finally feel relaxed. I gotta stop stressing out and blaming my stress on others." She was so tired that she started sleeping.

1 saa later she woke up and stopped bathing. She didn't have a towel so she sat around and waited for her to be dry. She heard footsteps and knew that someone was coming. She got dressed and walked away.

After having that relaxed bath she was finally in a good mood. She felt being nice. She found Tyrion Lannister and gave him a flower. Tyrion alisema "What's this for?"

She alisema "I had a weird day, I'm happy now, you're a weird guy, and I like giving out flowers." She hugged Tyrion and walked away. Tyrion was both happy and confused.

The end.