I recently wrote an makala which included my predictions for series 7. Because I've heard some very credible rumours (maybe even spoilers?) about series 7 since, I've decided to re-write my predictions AND include some for the final season. How many will come true? Probably none!:

Season 7:
1) Euron Greyjoy will form an alliance with Cersei, and attack Theon and Yara's fleet. Yara will be taken prisoner. Euron will then go on to attack the sand snakes in Dorne, and kill at least one of them, before Theon eventually saves Yara kwa killing his uncle. BUT Theon will be fatally wounded in the process.
2) Danaerys will learn of Jon Snow and summon him to her. He will in turn inform her of the danger of the white walkers.
3) Dany will defeat Jamie Lannister's forces, and Jamie will be captured. He will learn of the white walker threat from Jon Snow and Dany, before being allowed to return to King's Landing to plead with Cersei for help. Cersei will refuse help, and Jamie will jiunge Dany and Jon's side. Jamie, Bronn and Jon will ride north.
4) Arya will bump into the Hound in the Riverlands, and will learn of Littlefinger's betrayal of her father, which led to his arrest and the killing of Sirio Forrell. She will ride to Winterfell (finding Nymeria on the way) and inform Sansa of this.
5) Sansa has almost been won round to betraying Jon Snow, but this information will lead her to get Arya to execute Littlefinger.
6) Bran will return to Winterfell and reunite with his sisters, and possibly with Jon and Jamie Lannister too. He will inform them all of Jon's lineage, and of the white walkers.
7) Jon and Jamie (with a few others) will march north of the ukuta to investigate, but will run into major trouble. Someone in their party (Bronn?) will die, and the Night's King will bring down the wall, forcing them to flee.

Season 8:
1) Dany will decide to launch her attack on King's Landing quickly, but it will not go immediately as planned. Tyrion will be taken prisoner and sent to the dungeons kwa Cersei, and possibly used as a hostage. Jamie and Jon will return south, with all Stark children, other than Bran.
2) Jamie will go into the red keep to negotiate for his brother's life, but Cersei will attempt to dispose of the dwarf - forcing Jamie to kill her in the kiti cha enzi room.
3) Dany will take the city and the throne, with Jorah Mormont cured from greyscale and sitting at her side. But soon, the white walkers will assail the city.
4) Meanwhile, Bran will be forced to ride south to Old Town, having heard of Samwell Tarly's presence there from Jon (or from his green sight). Sam will give Bran valuable information on the use of Dragonglass, which Bran will use in his quest to confront the Night's King. Sam may inform him that (or he will see in his green sight) that he needs to stab the Night's King through the moyo with dragonglass in order to kill him.
5) Sansa will attack Jon's claim to being ''King in the North'' due to him being a Targaryen, and will try to plot his downfall. She will be foiled, possibly kwa Arya (who was always closer to Jon), who will then have her killed.
6) Dany and Jon will lead an attack on the white walkers, in order to help Bran kill the Night's King. Dany will die in the process, possibly along with one au two noteable others (Arya, Jorah Mormont, Jamie Lannister?). Bran will kill the Night's King, but die in the process.
7) Jon's army will dispose of the remaining whites, before heading to King's Landing. Jon will be crowned King and sit on the Iron Throne, with either Tyrion au Samwell Tarly as his hand and Varys freshly installed as the master of whispers. If either Sansa au Dany are still standing at this point, they will marry Jon and become king and queen. But at least one of Sansa au Dany will die.

Who will survive until the end: Jon Snow, Yara Greyjoy, Olenna Tyrell, Varys, Tyrion Lannister, Samwell Tarly.
Who may die: Sansa Stark, Danaerys Targaryen, Jorah Mormont, Jamie Lannister Ellaria Sand.
Who will die: Theon Greyjoy, Euron Greyjoy, Petyr Baelish, Cersei Lannister, Bran Stark, the Mountain (at the hands of his brother) Qyburn, the Night's King.