Game of Thrones {Quotes per episode ; 1x07} Others; inayopendelewa quote?

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"What do wewe want?" "Everything, dear. Everything there is."
"If your father's lord, how can wewe be lord, too?"
"So you're not lord now."
“I'm used to worse than him. I'm used to men who could chew that boy up and-
"They weren't gone, old man. They were sleeping. And they ain't sleeping no more.
"I miss girls. Not talking to them. Just looking at them, hearing them giggle."
"We took wewe for a man of the Night's Watch. Perhaps we were wrong in that."
"Could wewe sing me a song, Pyp? I'd like to hear a song."
"I always wanted to be a wizard."
"You know what needs to be done, but it's not honorable, so the words stick in-
"When the Queen proclaims one king, and the King's Hand proclaims another-
"You knelt as boys. Rise now as men of the Night's Watch."
"I did warn wewe not to trust me."
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