Game of Thrones {Quotes per episode ; 2x03} Team Stark; inayopendelewa quote?

Pick one:
"That's exactly what they were, Bran: stories."
"Well, they may have done, but they're gone from the world along with much else."
"Maybe magic once was a mighty force in the world, but not anymore; the dragons-
"Lord of Winterfell and King in the North."
"It will be enough to know that justice was done."
"I do not sit on my son's war councils, and if I did, I would not share his-
"My son is fighting a war, not playing at one!"
"I shouldn't have to tell wewe to do things, wewe should just do them!"
"I don't know how they did things in that city, but in this city handmaidens-
"How do wewe sleep when wewe ... when wewe have those things in your head?"
"I close my eyes and I see them up there. All of them standing there ...-
"They are the knights of summer and winter is coming."
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