Have wewe ever wondered which Gargoyle wewe are most like? take this simple chemsha bongo to find it out!

1=If wewe are staking out an enemy and wewe are out-numbered, what do wewe do?
A)make a plan
B)Run out to fight!
C)Set a trap
D)fall back
E)Look at the alternatives

2=Xanatos offers to strike a deal:You stop messing with Coldstone,and he will keep Coldstone away from your clan.You:
A)weigh the pro's and con's of this "agreement"
B)immediately say no
C)consider the technological aspects of it
D)say yes
E)Think about how it will help au hurt your clan

3=Demona seems to have changed her ways and wants to jiunge the clan. What do wewe do?
A)Don't let her in, she's had too many chances.
B)Yell No! And try to run her off.
C)You give her a trial period of three weeks.
D)Just say: "we'll see"
E)Yes! wewe turned over a new leaf! Great!

If wewe got mostly...
A's-Goliath- You're a natural leader! wewe can make mistakes, but you're great at getting back up and fixing it.
B's-Brooklyn- wewe are headstrong and tough. wewe can also be very stubborn at times!
C's-Lexington-You are very sweet! wewe upendo to experiment with new technology. wewe can't stop smiling!
D's-Broadway-You're a good actor! Sometimes wewe can get very shy!
E's-Angela- wewe have a kind moyo and wewe are an optimist! You're calm under moto and wewe can always see the good in someone!