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who is the member of exo

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 seouhyun posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Minso said:
This is not including Kris, Tao and Luhan. Since they aren't members anymore. But I'm including Jessica so it will be the same number people and no one is left out of current EXO members. Sorry Kris, Tao and Luhan!!

Chen = Taeyeon - They both are two of SM's most powerful vocalist. They both sing with so much emotion and support their notes well. There are some off days, but like 90% of the time they are amazing!

Baekhyun = Seohyun - Another pair of talented vocalists. Seo and Baek can easily reach high notes but usually sing lower ones. Their voices have a unique and soothing tone to them.

Chanyeol = Sooyoung - These are the two rappers of their group. They should be considered the biggest dorks of the group. On stage they look cool but offstage they are so dorky and super weird.

Kai = Hyoyeon - Their dancing machines!

Xiumin = Sunny - wewe wouldn't think they were so cute kwa just watching their performances. But these two are filled with so much aegyo!

Sehun = Yoona - Both stunning visuals and amazing dancers.

Suho = Tiffany - They're not the best vocalists but they're still up there. Their voices are quite sweet and lovely to hear. They also lowkey have a "sexy" side to them.

Lay = Yuri - The true sexy dancers of the group. They are hardworking members who are (sadly) often overlooked.

D.O. = Jessica - Two really really really really good singers. (Maybe a little bias). Their serious faces make them so similar. They can come off as rude but they're not. They just have a resting ***** face.
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