Our favourite dancing Queen makes the news again...

It's certainly looks like HyoYeon's latest image change has started to pay dividends for her.

Acoording to the latest reports from the web,the current switch in HyoYeon's image and fashion style to a zaidi feminine bend has attracted a lot of positive interest from Netizens and fans(Hyohunnies)alike.

HyoYeon,already a well-known ikoni for projecting a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle in the K-Pop muziki circuit,on juu of her inherent charming personality,recently went on to project a zaidi ladylike,innocent public image.

Inspite of being known as the SNSD member with the most brightly coloured hairstyle(think debut blonde hair colour),the sense of a beautiful young lady on the cusp of full womanhood is always never far from the surface.Although she may not be the first SNSD member to catch the eye of a casual observer,her strong visual appeal is ever present nonetheless.

In fact,HyoYeon's current positive change in appearence has produced the following maoni from Netizens and fans:"Right now,it's HyoYeon's Sidae".