When did wewe start dreaming of becoming a singer? When did wewe start to realize your talent, au when did others start acknowledging it? How?

-When I was little, I never thought I was exceptionally good at imba au dancing. However, before I came to Korea, I realized that I liked and had a knack for imba and dancing. Even my brother, who is stingy with compliments, told me, “You’re good at singing,” so I gained zaidi confidence. Since then, I didn’t think about following any other route and only dreamed of becoming a singer. Something I thought of at that time, and after actually experiencing it, is “No one can beat a person who tries their best.”

What efforts did wewe put into fulfilling your dream of becoming a singer? How well did wewe think a career as a singer would suit you, and what do wewe think now?

-We recently finished fourteen concerts for our Japan Arena Tour. Each went on for three hours, and 30 songs later I thought “I’m the type of person that has to stand on stage.” The preparation process was tiring and wewe could get a lot of stress from it, but my members and I never Lost our happiness. When we get on stage all my tiredness disappears. As soon as I stand on stage I feel like “this is my place.” While our tiring Japan promotions continued on, I got a chance to look back on all the promotions we did in Korea before, and it made me think “I was too young.” I’m looking mbele to activities in Korea zaidi than ever now that I’ve gained the confidence to do even better.

I’m sure you’re happy being Girls’ Generation, but I think competitions on looks would be intense within the group. Are there any times where wewe feel pressure with the nine members?

-To be honest, as surprising as it may seem, we have absolutely no competition for looks. We pick out each others’ prettiest parts. We’ll tell each other “You’ve gained weight”, au “You look prettier with your hair up.” In one word, we just enjoy it. We want each other to be pretty, and we encourage one another. That’s the truth, so I hope wewe believe me. Hahaha.

Girls’ Generation’s impeccable choreography is fantastic. How hard did wewe work on it? I don’t assume practices always go well. Was there a time where wewe got upset because a dance wouldn’t work?

-There are times where it doesn’t work, but there’s only one way to overcome it; doing it until it does work. Because Hyoyeon is the most talented in dancing in the group, I beg her to teach me until she gets fed up. I just do it again and again until I get it.

Do wewe think you’ve become a lady? When do wewe feel “I’ve really matured”?

-I think I’ve matured when I feel that I have eyes that look beyond what I’m actually seeing. Also, when I look at the team’s youngest members, Yoona and Seohyun, and see how mature and feminine their preferences have become, I realize how much we’ve grown.

Were there any electrifying moments wewe experienced recently that made wewe nervous? It could be something that happened on stage, au perhaps meeting your ideal type.

-I don’t have any experiences of getting butterflies from seeing someone of the opposite sex. I think the most exhilarating moment is when I step off stage after a concert. Our fourteen concerts in Japan and our solo tamasha in Korea! I feel proud just thinking about it. I was able to realize how solid Girls’ Generation has become, completing such a great amount of concerts. Senior singers always said, “A singer has to have a tamasha to become a real singer”, and I think I understand what they mean now.

Do wewe have a method for discovering pretty expressions au hair styles that suit you?

-During group au solo shoots, rather than trying to look pretty, I want to make expressions that have feeling behind it. I can’t pretend 100% of the time and will have to try harder from now on, but my role models are designer Coco Rosa and Dutch model Doutzen Kroes. For reference, I think I’m the prettiest when I’m singing. I think I’m prettiest when I’m happy. I particularly like comfortable, yet girly clothes. I style myself depending on my mood that day, but looking at picha that I take, and ones of me that were taken kwa others, I felt that I’ve been choosing clothes that are noticeably zaidi feminine compared to my members. Of course, for shoots that are zaidi chic like today’s, I try my best to make use of wild expressions and poses I’ve seen in fashion magazines.

You’ve become noticeably slimmer and prettier. Do wewe have any special methods of caring for your skin and body?

-If there’s a tamasha coming up, I eat a lot better than usual, so my happy expressions are delivered as is. However, if I’m MC-ing au have to wear a dress for a schedule, I drink a lot of water for a few days prior and control my weight. I eat three light meals regularly. I estimate how much I eat in day, calculate the calories, and adjust from there. Only when I feel I need to manage my weight! Some people say, “If wewe want to lose weight, eat a lot for breakfast, a little for lunch, and starve for dinner.” I think there’s a higher chance of failing because wewe usually get the urge to eat in the evening. It works best for me to have a smaller breakfast and eat a little zaidi for chajio, chakula cha jioni to match my daily calorie intake. There isn’t anything I do in particular to take care of my skin. I pay attention to my makeup on stage, but I usually just apply sunscreen to my bare face and wear glasses. I try to drink a lot of water for moisture. I carry around a water bottle and drink from it while I’m on the move. I try to have a high dietary fiber intake. There’s nothing better than that. Seohyun’s such a healthy girl. She takes care of all her unnies’ health, too

wewe can’t leave out diverse concepts, fashion, and hair when it comes to Girls’ Generation. Which style did wewe think made wewe look the prettiest?

-I attempted many different outfit concepts as a Girls’ Generation member, and there were a lot of really pretty clothes and styles. If I had to choose one out of them, it would have to be the jeans and white t-shirt fashion from “Gee”. I personally like wearing jeans and a white t-shirt, so I think I was prettiest during our “Gee” promotions. I do like showy clothes, but I think that concept had the most cheerful, innocent, and girl-like appeal.

You’re always bright and energetic on stage. Do wewe have a way of hiding when you’re sick au not in a good mood on stage?

-People say I’m the most energetic member of the group. I try to always greet people brightly and live happily, but there are times where my mood drops. But, the moment I feel I have a God-given talent is the moment I get on stage. Surprisingly, when I stand on stage, I forget about my body not being in its best condition, au about being in a bad mood. I don’t have to hide it because I get on stage and my mind forgets on its own.

You’re at the age to draw out a great guy. Is there an ideal type wewe dream of?

-I never drew out my ideal type in detail. I actually don’t think I’ve thought about it much at all. I can vaguely recall a guy that has a pretty smile and can make me laugh. Especially a guy that can upendo me as much as I upendo him.

What type of relationships do wewe want to have in the future?

-Because I have feminine taste, I also like relationship styles that are romantic. I think I’d like to have cute and pretty relationships.

Is there a fashion brand wewe particularly like? What are some clothes au accessories wewe like wearing?

-Prada’s colors this season are really pretty. The vivid pastel colors captured my heart. Prada’s blue, in particular, made me fall in love, when I don’t even like blue. Aside from wearing new clothes through stage outfits, for CFs, and photoshoots, my personal style gives off a romantic, cute feel. Of course, I don’t go for clothes that are uncomfortable, even if it’s pretty. Comfortable and pretty clothes are the best. I wear a lot of accessories. Long, hanging earrings have been looking really pretty to me lately. If wewe choose the right earrings, your face can look slimmer. I also like shoes. If the outfit is simple, I wear booties au pumps.

There were mistakes and suffering, but no matter what anyone says, you’re Tiffany, a proud member of Girls’ Generation. What will wewe do to defend your name from now on?

-Recently, while my members and I were talking, I said, “We’ve already come this far. I’m proud.” When I first came to Korea at the age of fifteen, I was looking mbele to a lot of things, and I worked hard. Really hard. Now that I think about a new world opening up as I continue to grow, it makes my moyo flutter. Because I’m such an optimist, rather than being afraid of the future, I’m anticipating it. The first goal I had when I was younger was for Girls’ Generation to receive a great amount of love, and that’s been reached. I’m going to try to plan a new goal, looking further ahead.

I’m sure wewe want to try uigizaji in a drama au film, au take an attempt in a different field.

-Up until now, the group Girls’ Generation’s charm was magnified, but each member has their own talents and charms, and I think each of us will be able to onyesha even zaidi from now on. I want to think of it as launching a Tiffany brand under the Girls’ Generation brand, and come out naturally.

Is there a wish wewe want granted?

-I’m extremely satisfied with Girls’ Generation’s activities alone, but I want to try and succeed in other areas. My hope is to try acting, do a musical, and work in fashion. Today’s shoot was also really fun. I think the work of putting on various styles for a photoshoot is always fun. I take part in drafting Girls’ Generation’s stage outfits, and I study a lot kwa looking through fashion magazines. I’ve had a lot of interest in fashion since I was younger, and I’m especially happy when picking pretty, girly dresses. I’m happy that because I’m a girl, I’m able to attempt numerous style transformations with various makeups and attire. My goal is to plan a happy future while doing things I can and want to do. I’m a person that’s ready to do anything at any time!