All girls <3

1. Sunny still has a phobia of fireworks explosions and loud noises.

2.Sunny hates drinking milk.

3.Yuri becomes so feminine when close to a guy.

4. Before their debut, they are composed of 12 members. One of them was T-ara’s Soyeon.

5.Sunny was the last to jiunge the group

6.Yoona & Yuri share room together

7.Taeyeon’s phone was once Lost and it was found inside the refrigerator

8.SNSD members chose Yuri as a member whose looks became zaidi refined since their debut days

9.Sooyoung’s number is 24 because she wants to marry at the age of 24.

10.SNSD’s Costume Costs for 2009, 1 Billion Won

11.Sooyoung has the best legs, and Yuri has the best body in SNSD

12.SNSD’s Dating Rule: “Can’t Keep It A Secret Between Members”

13.Sunny never dated nor kissed anyone.

14.All members are immune to Sunny’s Aegyo

15.Sunny once alisema that Yuri’s sleeptalks are the most extreme and toughest Ishe’d ever seen.

16.Sica once alisema to Tangoo, “Kim Taeyeon! How can wewe do this to me! We are TaengSic Shi Dae!”

17.Kim Taeyeon admitted once that her hobby is taking care of kids and her speciality is uigizaji like a leader.

18.One of SNSD’s most famous lines, “This is SNSD, From Now On, SNSD, Forever SNSD”

19.Sooyoung once alisema that Fany’s voice is like karanga Butter.

20.SNSD rarely eats Chicken as declared kwa YuRi.

21.Seohyun watches TV til 2 AM. What she watches? Caartoons.

22.Sica hates cucumbers.

23.Sica and Fany are the one’s who can speak english fluently.

24.Seohyun mashabiki name is SeoMates

25.Yoona mashabiki name is YoonAddict

26.Sooyoung mashabiki name is Sooyoungsters

27.Yuri mashabiki name is Yurisistable

28.Hyoyeon mashabiki name is Hyorengi/Hyohunnies

29.Tiffany mashabiki name is Fanytastics

30.Sunny mashabiki name is Sunshiners

31.Jessica mashabiki name is GorJess Spazzers

32.Taeyeon mashabiki name is TaeGang unite

33.Jessica would choose sleeping over eating

34.Yuri and Sooyoung were schoolmate

35.SHINee Jonghyun is a big shabiki of SNSD Yoona and SNSD Jessica


37.Tiffany’s special Habit is Cutting her chakula before eating

38.Yuri’s name means ‘glass’

39.Yuri really likes friday

40. One of Sunny’s nicknames is “Energy Pill”

41. Sooyoung is the #1 shikshin in SNSD.

42. Taeyeon inayopendelewa Song from Girls’ Generation : Merry-Go-Round

43. Sica cries when she is angry.

44. TaeYeon wants to be a Math Teacher.

45. Seohyun is the slowest member in taking a bath

46.TaeYeon used to play RF ONLINE

47. Hyoyeon has 14 ear piercings. She also has one on her tongue.

48. SooYoung can eat 3 scoops of ice cream in 5 minutes.

49. TaeYeon talks while sleeping


51. Yuri is the organized queen.

52. Yuri can make everybody tolerant when she starts fooling around.

53. Yuri loves Mickey Mouse.

54. Yuri can play violin.

55. Jessica loves to sleep..

56. Jessica hates cUcUmbers

57. Jessica hates any melon related frUit.

58. Sunny hides chakula and keeps chestnuts in her purse.
-Sunny is the smallest member of SNSD.

59. Hyohyeon hates the feeling of not brushing right after yoU eat.

60. HyohYeon has 14 ear piercings. She also has one on her tongue.

61. Soo Young and Sunye (wonder girls) were schoolmates

62. Soo Young is the certified gamer and joker in SNSD.

63. Soo Young can eat 3 scoops of ice cream in 5 minutes.

64. Tae Yeon run away several times from the dorm during training days because of exhaustion.

65. Tae Yeon wants to be a Math Teacher.

66. Tae Yeon talks while sleeping

67. Tae Yeon’s phone was once Lost and it was found inside the refrigerator

68. Tiffany used to speak Korean in American accent.

69. Tiffany can play flute so well.

70. When Tiffany gets excited, her pitch becomes high like an ambulance, magari ya wagonjwa siren.

71. Seo Hyun is an only child.

72. Seo Hyun can play piano.

73. Yoona had a big crush on Micky (TVXQ) during training days.

Thanks to Narriel of GGPH

mashabiki added:

74. Kim TaeYeon used to play RF ONLINE i think she was BELLATO

75. girls generation was supposed to debut as a 12-member girl band

76. Yoona is the 2nd shikshin (big eater) of the group

77. Jessica, Sooyoung and Hyoyeon had the longest training years (7 years)

78. Sunny was the last to jiunge the group

79. Yoona and Taeyeon were the only ones who did the auditions… the rest were scouted

80.Sooyoung was once in a Japanese duo named Route 0… Read More

81. Taeyeon sleep walks before

82. Jessica cries when angry

83. Seohyun is the slowest member in taking a bath

84. Taeyeon, Sooyoung and Wonder Girls’ Sunye were schoolmates

85. Yoona and Seohyun were schoolmates

86. Sunny and Yuri are the ones who get the choreography wrong most of the time… Tiffany is only unlucky that her mistakes are always the one captured kwa the camera…

87. Yoona’s first drama (not a lead role) was “9 ends 2 outs”

89. Jessica would choose sleeping over eating…

90. Yoona is the strongest

91. Hyoyeon studied in China for a mwezi (?) and gained weight… the time she came back to Korea, Sooyoung called her Princess Fiona… She didn’t know who Princess Fiona was, but being called a Princess, she was happy… until the time she learned who Princess Fiona was…

92. Taeyeon and Tiffany lived in the same dorm during their training years, before they transferred to SNSD’s dorm

93. Taeyeon is a fruit-peeler expert

94. SNSD’s inayopendelewa MC is Yoo Jaesuk… Read More

95. Jessica and Tiffany are from the US… Jessica is from San Francisco and Tiffany is from LA

96. Seohyun wakes up at 7 am to read books

97. Jessica once played soccer in her school

98. awali room assignments:
1. Yoona, Taeyeon, & Sooyoung
2. Jessica & Hyoyeon
3. Yuri & Sunny
4. Seohyun & Tiffany

99. new room assignments:
1. Yoona & Yuri
2. Jessica & Sooyoung
3. Taeyeon & Sunny
4. Seohyun & Hyoyeon
5. Tiffany