SNSD As One Forever!
I did one of these before but yeah...I have zaidi to say XD Hope wewe don't find me annoying doing loads of makala I know it isn't as good as some other makala but yeah.

I just want to say some things even though I don't know how the SNSD members feel. I am Marafiki with most sones and all of wewe are awesome!

First off antis , I am really happy that there are no antis on here/no antis these past few weeks commenting stuff about SNSD. In old majibu I have seen a fanpop user say that Tiffany is ugly and has bad attitude. can a SONE say that? I also saw that for the other members and I really don't know what to say XD

Why do antis always pick on the members points that aren't too good why not pick on the good points? And why bother doing that antis? Sones aren't going to change their thoughts with your comments.

The kura za maoni from the past are quite unfair , I looked through loads of kura za maoni when I started fanpop and I see Fany practically last on everything. But now people are awesome and fair so everything is starting too be less biased. So I am happy that things are starting to change. I also see maoni like Yoona can't sing but she can , why would she be a singer if she can't sing?

All the members has haters and I don't really care as long as they are being themselves and they are staying strong because we are kwa their sides around the world. :)

Lastly why I upendo SNSD? Because of there teamwork and personalities. SNSD are made up of 9 girls that become one and can't be spilt apart. They are like 9 sisters that come together to achieve their dreams , it looks like there are never any secrets between them and they are always being themselves. They are also my favourite girl group.

Have a good siku everyone! ^-^