In case you're wondering...NO i didn't forget about my "prettiest member in ____ MV" articles. LOOL

but i'm keeping those in the dungeon for a while xD

Anyway, this will be based on how many moments these pairings have au the chemestry/friendship i see in them. so don't expect "popularity" to play a huge part on this analysis. cause i'm sorry to disappoint you, i was never a shabiki of the maarufu snsd pairings like taengsic, yoonyul, etc etc. most of them don't even feel genuine to me. they just seem like "fanservice pairings"


Anyway, we all know (or suspect) these two members' history. Apparently they had a huge fight in the past (around 2010) and suddenly stopped talking to eachother. Their moments have been awkward ever since and while i do appreciate the fact that Jessica tries to get Taeyeon's attention, i think she should stop. If Taeyeon doesn't want to be Marafiki with her again, then it probably means Jessica was the one who caused their misunderstanding in the first place. Maybe Taeyeon will never forget Jessica.
Who knows, right?
Yeah, i noticed that they seem less awkward this mwaka and they seem to speak with eachother again. But tbh, i know you're going to hate me for saying this, but i think SM forced them to do this. They probably realized that both girls were uigizaji like little children for years now and that they should keep their personal problems OUTSIDE of snsd's concerts, interviews, etc...
That's why TaengSic seem to have zaidi "moments" now. And the reason why i'm saying this is all part of SM is because those hivi karibuni moments are so forced. wewe can tell Taeyeon isn't really feeling it, when Jessica approaches her but she still tries to make some effort, anyway.
Now, the worst part, that makes me dislike this couple: their fans.
OMG, MOST OF THEM ARE SO DELUSIONAL AND NEVER SHUT UP WITH THEIR THEORIES. Seriously, they even crop the groups' pics and make TaengSic stand side kwa side. i'm sorry but....that's retarted. It just shows how obsessed and immature they are.
Plus, everytime there's a new snsd fancam and TaengSic are caught looking at eachother, the mashabiki say "OMG, TAENGSIC IS BACK, THEY'RE FUCKING REAL, YAY I'M SO HAPPY" and the post gets like 20 upvotes....
This isn't all. they all get crazy too, when the two girls are actually side kwa side in one pic. First thing they maoni is "OMG I SEE TAENGSIC"
Not to mention the time they held hands and the spazz was insane. even though we all know they held hands because it was time for the girls to BOW TO THEIR FANS, the taengsic shippers still celebrated like hell.

Even worse, they all get so mad when someone points out that "looking at eachother for 1 second" isn't exactly a moment. Are we even lying? it's NOT A MOMENT.
When will they finally behave like adults and accept the fact that TaengSic will never return?

I'm sorry (or not) but it's the sad truth


I mean, these two have obviously a very genuine friendship and all their moments are adorable and cute. i upendo the fact that Taeyeon wants Sunny's attention. Besides, this is the only Taeyeon pairing where i see Taeyeon KISSING (on the cheek, lol) the other member.
It shows how much they care and upendo eachother. They have a lovely friendship and i can see why people adore this couple. I honestly feel like Sunny is Taeyeon's closest friend.


I used to like this pairing so much zaidi than i do now. Seems to me that people are getting tired of TaeNy, ever since TTS were created.
And i can totally understand why....
This pairing just doesn't feel genuine anymore. It feels like an SM strategy.
TTS was basically TaeNy with Seohyun standing there like a third wheel.
Then, there was that awful(imo) duet and the lyrics are so horrid, it's like it's describing TaeNy's amazing "love story" that the mashabiki upendo to believe it exists.
I'm sorry, i still enjoy TaeNy but i can't take them seriously as a pairing, anymore. This is a perfect example of a genuine pairing TURNING into a fanservice pairing.
And i know SM is behind this. And i don't like it one bit.
They just ruined one of the "original" SNSD pairings, imo.
Oh, i forgot to mention their fans. Some of them are a PAIN IN THE ASS. Almost as bad as TaengSic shippers. They also like to crop the group's pic and make TaeNy stand side kwa side, how ridiculous is that? Don't they have enough TaeNy already?
Also....ever since the news about both girls' relationships got revealed, the TaeNy shippers became zaidi and zaidi annoying. They say this is all a plan from SM and that TaeNy are indeed real but since they're lesbians, SM needs people to believe that Taeyeon is dating Baekhyun and Tiffany Nickhun (whatever his name is written...)

*sigh* Whatever. TaeNy just isn't the same anymore.


What the mashabiki like to call "the opposite couple".
There's barely any moments and the ones they have are just ok. No wonder people say they never find a HyoTae pic. They're just so rare to find. Even when i tafuta for HyoTae pics on google, there's only ONE selca. and to make it worse, it was taken' kwa the SM staff and not the actual girls.
They both have obvious different personalities, that's why they just don't match.
HOWEVER, the little moments they have, i consider them to be slightly zaidi genuine than other Taeyeon pairings.


It's an ok pairing
I did notice though, that there seems to be zaidi moments lately and that's good. The moments they have are actually cute
It's not that i don't care about this pairing but aside from some cute moments, they don't seem close to me. like TRUE FRIENDS.
This is one of my inayopendelewa Taeyeon pairings, though.


I just want to slap peoples' faces, when they say Taeyeon is only close to Fany and Sun
Do any of those sones and non sones actually take a look at SooTae moments? there's actually A LOT. and they're SO GENUINE.
And i don't know if wewe guys ever read about this but there was an makala years zamani that pretty much proves how Sooyoung is one of Taeyeon's closest friends. i'm gonna post the info below. i only heard about this a few months zamani and i was seriously surprised:

It's on Soshified, btw.

" When Taeyeon proclaimed her decision to step down as leader of SNSD and went crying to her room, it was only Sooyoung who went to her immediately and asked her what is wrong. Out of all the members, it was only with Sooyoung that Taeyeon cried her moyo out. (Sooyoung Facts)

Old piece. But people back then were asking for this proof and I just remembered that it was stated in SBS Strong Heart. Taeyeon alisema that when she announced that she’d step down as a leader during their 5-minute-talk(?) the members’ reactions were not faltered, they simply alisema something along the lines of ”Oh well it never felt like we had one anyway.” So that upset her because she’d expect them to say something like “Why? You’re our leader!” and thus she fleeted to her room. Sooyoung was the only one that came up to her as she cried and dragged her out so they could all talk."

That's what the makala says.

And this isn't all. Taeyeon already alisema in interviews that Sooyoung is the only one who she talks with, about her most intimate secrets and that she sees Sooyoung as a mother/role model. She also alisema she always asks for her advice, especially when the subject is something adult

The fact that people ignore these things, is beyond me. I hate how they always forget to mention Sooyoung as one of Taeyeon's true Marafiki in the group. They always ignore their sweet moments and it irritates me so much.

SooTae is so genuine. And people need to realize that .


I just can't seem to understand why people ship these two so much and usually consider them to be the most genuine Taeyeon pairing after TaeNy and SunYeon
Honest to god, I DON'T
wewe could say i dislike YoonTae, because i dislike Yoona as well but believe me, that's not even the reason
It's just that everytime i see their moments, i don't feel ANYTHING.
Plus, THERE'S BARELY ANY YOONTAE MOMENTS, why in the world are people saying they're close? The only time i remember seeing Taeyeon wanting Yoona's attention was last year, when she rested her head on Yoona's shoulder.
But...THAT'S IT?
Every other time, they seem distant

I have nothing zaidi to say


Even though they're the oldest and youngest, i don't see any type of sisterly bond, like i see in other kpop groups.
Usually the leader and the maknae have a good relationship but i don't feel SeoTae's closeness. I can't even remember the last time they had a moment
I do believe that Taeyeon likes and protects Seohyun as her dongsaeng but sadly, that's not reflected in the little moments they have.


It's a cute pairing but nothing else, imo.
I can see their friendship is genuine but when i compare it to other Jessica pairings, i find them much zaidi genuine and real, if wewe know what i mean. That's why i end up "ignoring" this pairing quite a bit.
Still....i enjoy their moments and i'm always open to see more


These two have been genuine since the beginning. I always upendo to see their moments and i think the fact that they're both Korean/Americans makes everything cooler, lol
They always have many moments and they're definitely close friends. Plus, they have many things in common.


Oh, i sure upendo this pairing. Who doesn't, seriously?
I don't know if it's just me but i think Jessica feels secure with Hyoyeon's presence. And i find that so sweet
And i think many people know these two already hade big fights before. They even revealed this on "The beatles code"
But i honestly think those discussions got them even closer.Their personalities are similar, so it's obvious that they will have quarrels many times.
But it also means they will understand eachother's likes and dislikes and their friendship will be zaidi realistic than many others.
This pairing is great


Ill just start out kwa saying this: i DON'T LIKE YulSic. never did, never will
I could tell wewe what bothers me so much about this couple but tbh....i don't even know what exactly bothers me.
I think the biggest problem here is how overrated and maarufu it is.
There's some maarufu snsd pairings where i can understand why people upendo them
But for some reason, it's not working with YulSic
I see their moments and they just scream "fake, fake, fake"
Plus, it looks like they're getting quite distant lately, au is it just me?
i know for sure there used to be a lot zaidi YulSic in the past.
I really don't know what else i can say. I'm sorry but their moments annoy me. They just do.


What else did wewe expect? xD
First of all, i see Sooyoung as Sica's bodyguard. They're similar to HyoSic in this case. It's like Jessica feels protected around both girls
Second, their moments are incredibly genuine and only a fool would say otherwise.
Third, and the most obvious. Sooyoung makes Jessica smile on an intanst. I like the contrast between both girls. Jessica is cold and calm but everytime we see her with Sooyoung, she just becomes dorky and smiles so much. She always wants Sooyoung's attention and i always caught her looking at Sooyoung, like she's blinded kwa her beauty au something. LOOL. AND I upendo THAT. i can feel the chemestry. i can feel the true friendship these two possess.
This pairing ilustrates the perfect "prince and princess" look, imo. Sooyoung is totally the man in every moment they share, LOL.


I used to ignore this pairing in the past but not anymore. I enjoy their moments and they're obviously genuine. There's so many YoonSic lately, it's insane
This is one of those rare cases of a maarufu pairing that i DON'T THINK it's made for fanservice only. I really do feel their true friendship. they're obviously very close to eachother.


We really don't see much, but i think this is one of Seohyun's best pairings. I can see Jessica cares a lot about the maknae.
The only problem is the lack of moments. I really wish i could see more.


I know these two have lots of moments but for some reason, i'm not warming up to this pairing, no matter how closer they get.
I just....don't think they match.
Sure, they're very cute together but that's all i feel when i see this pairing.
Sorry guys


I think the time we got to see these two closer than ever was on Invicible youth. Sadly, i don't see much outside of it.
I do like them together. Quite a lot, actually. But there hasn't been much moments, lately

Yeah.......That's pretty much all i have to say at the moment.


They're a cute pairing. I actually never realized how close these two can be.
Still, i have to say, i usually ignore their moments. They're not strong enough for me, as a pairing. And i don't see them as true friends.


What's not to like about the tallest and shortest member together? LOOL
I find them so cute as a pairing. SooSun isn't that rare as people think, tbh. And they're actually having MANY moments this year.
Also...weren't these two, one of the original royal couples?
Anyway, i like how Sooyoung always treats Sunny as if she was a cute little baby. It's so adorable to me. And Sunny obviously likes to be protected kwa Sooyoung.
These two should get zaidi attention, imo

That's it for part 1. Please jiunge me for part 2 =)
thanks for reading