Taeyeon’s “Butterfly Kiss” tamasha
mashabiki clamor for tickets following announcement of Taeyeon’s “Butterfly Kiss” concert

ilitumwa on March 26, 2016

A ticket fanwar is ongoing after Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon announced plans for her first solo tamasha inayofuata month.
On March 26th, it was announced that Taeyeon will be meeting mashabiki through her first solo tamasha titled butterfly, kipepeo Kiss on April 23d and 24th at the Olympic Hall, Olympic Park in Seoul, South Korea. As this will be her first major event since making her debut as a solo artist, mashabiki have started to aggressively find ways to reserve tickets with some expecting it to immediately sell out.
SM Entertainment also assured mashabiki to expect a lot from this tamasha as ticketing opens on March 30th.

Source: Dispatch