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Yes, that title is the best thing I could come up with, but at least, it's straightforward. Let's begin!

Casio Baby-G

9th: Sunny
Not a big shabiki of the makeup, the hair looks terrible although I like that color on her, the kofia, chapeo looks super out of place, and overall, the picture didn't do Sunny any justice at all.

8th: Seohyun
Again, not a big shabiki of the makeup, her eyebrows look weird, the hair doesn't work for her but I like that they put it in a ponytail. I don't want to even know why in the world the photographers wanted Seohyun to wear that outfit. It's too tacky.

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Hi, again, S♥NEs! Thanks so much to those who have read all the messages up to this one. It truly means a lot to me. Today is August 5th, SNSD's long-awaited 7th Anniversary! linkGirls Generation debuted in 2007 and now it's 2014. I can't believe time goes kwa so fast. SNSD is not about BEING the BEST, they are about TRYING their BEST. SNSD wewe are the group that inspires me the

I can't really take much credit for uandishi these articles, since it was all of wewe who wrote these sincere and sweet messages. Your messages are also what inspired me to write my messages. Thank wewe ALL....
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*These are the results of the Most Underrated Member kura za maoni that I conducted over the past few days. Each round I picked what I thought to be the best answer, and if that maoni got chosen, the member that they've chosen would win that placement. Keep in mind that these are the honest opinions of the mashabiki that left comments, so please do not bash them for stating their opinions.*

As usual, I was really wrong about how it would turn out. This is how I thought it would be:
1. Sunny
2. Hyoyeon
3. Yuri
4. Sooyoung
5. Seohyun
6. Yoona
7. Jessica
8. Taeyeon/Tiffany (I was undecided, so I didn't really care...
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Now it's Yoona =)

Girls generation
She just looked odd to me and her makeup is bad. besides, her hair looks oily and messy

Kissing you
EWW what is this????? Her hair looks like a bird nest

Chocolate love
I just hated her hair in this MV, it made her look older

Just, not a fan. i never liked Yoona with wavy hair, anyway
i also don't like the accessory on her head (you can't see it in this pic)

Run devil run and Run devil run 3D
Jesus..NEVER DO THIS AGAIN. those bangs are a crime

Gee japanese version
The hairstyle is ugly, i don't like how it's curled at the end....
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I'm doing the same for the other members. i won't count 2014, because, well, we're still in April

here are the disasters they did to Taeyeon that still makes me cringe

Genie-japanese version
The way they curled Taeyeon's hair.... not my taste. it reminds me of a broom

Hoot comment. WHAT IS THAT?

Run devil run 3D version
Not many people know about this MV....well, there's nothing to loose, anyway, including Taeyeon's hair. it looks super awkward on her

Bad girl
I hate to say this but she looks like a homeless girl. super messy hair

The boys
Am i seriously the only...
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posted by snsdlover4ever
I saw this on the DP club and just had to make one since that was really helpful for me.I think I'll be using this as a weekly thing, and Shoutout to coolsinger198 for this idea! (although I doubt she'll ever see this.)

The dorky kid leader who is actually the oldest out of SNSD is the lovely Taeyeon! She has one of the biggest fanbases out of all of SNSD, and I can understand why. She has the best voice out of all of them, is beautiful, and can be very entertaining in variety shows, but can be sensitive and caring, which is why we upendo her!

Here are some mashabiki that are Taegangers:
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