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This Girl’s Generation/SNSD picha contains tights, leotards, leotard, unitard, mwili suti, paka suti, kila siku leotard, suti ya mwili, and suti ya paka. There might also be bustier, cocktail mavazi, ala, cocktail dress, kutoboa, chemise, shimmy, kuhama, kuingizwa, teddy, and shift.

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At a press conference on August 10th at the Grand Hilton Hotel in Hongeun-dong,Seodaemun-gu in Seoul,Japan's juu idol,Kinki Kids'Koichi Domoto talked about SNSD and KARA,two groups that are hugely maarufu in Japan right now.

Koichi Domoto said,[I had been on a program with KARA before but as for SNSD,I only managed to meet them briefly.At the same time,looking at their activeness in pursuing various areas,I think they are pretty amazing.I try to calm myself as I still feel nervous before going up on stage but it looks like they do not tremble and manage to deliver great and enjoyable performances].

He then praised the girls kwa saying,[They are really awesome].

Looks like the girls hard work is leading to extreme success since their entrance into the Japanese market!
Park Myung Soo and Jessica of SNSD will reunite for their maarufu track Naeng Myun one zaidi time!

For those of wewe that don't recall, this adorable duo performed Naeng Myun (Cold Noodles) for the Infinity Challenge Duet Song Festival this summer, then went on to perform a few songs on muziki shows due to the widespread popularity of the surprise hit track.

So are wewe excited au what? This time it'll be for the 2009 MBC Entertainment Awards. The two will sing their special song they sang for Infinity Challenge back in July.

Unfortunately, Park Myung Soo was supposed to perform with all of SNSD but, due to the girl group's busy end-of-the-year schedule, they had to narrow it down to Jessica.

But there's still going to be a girl group performing a track from Infinity Challenge. Who? After School! The sexy girl group will get together with Jung Joon Ha for their Infinity Challenge song, Young-Gae-Baek-Sook.
 Jessica and Park Myung Soo
Jessica and Park Myung Soo