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 I Got A Boy Chibis
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sanaa ya shabiki
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Our girl's are back with a better song!Let's raise the views!And keeping that aside,as wewe see in the title it's a beauty ranking!i upendo doing rankings kwa the way..Let's start now!

Mr.Mr Beauty Ranking
She's just so pretty in the mv,I don't know why but this time she is sure the prettiest!
Have wewe seen her with the pink tint?It's so pretty on her!Personally I think this is the prettiest period of her.
So pretty!She looks so cute in her hair although she is growing it back..
She matured a lot and I liked it so much,she looked zaidi sexier nowadays.
She seriously...
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SNSD's Yoona's skirt, upindo got auctioned for around $1720 at a charity auction.

The starting bid was at around $1 but somehow it managed to go way over its starting price. No surprise there since it's Yoona.

Yoona wore this skirt, upindo in the Tell Me Your Wish muziki video. She even signed the waistline part of the skirt, upindo herself to make it all the zaidi special.

At the same auction, Tiffany's hoodie was auctioned for nearly $1000. Seohyun's shorts went for $800. Sooyoung's ukanda sold for $400. Because of the great sales, the SNSD items took 1st-4th place of the best selling item orodha in terms of prices.

Other stars' items were also auctioned off, including Park Tae Hwan's swim cap, herufi kubwa and Park Ji Sung's signed trophy ball. But the prices of these didn't come close to the winning price for Yoona's skirt.
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Boy band Super Junior and female idol group Girls' Generation triumphed at the highly anticipated 24th Golden Disk Awards on Thursday. The two were acknowledged for 2009's best album sales and most income from Internet downloads, respectively.

At the event, which was held at Olympic Park in southern Seoul from 7 to 10 p.m., the Super Junior took the highest honor for the hit song "Sorry, Sorry" from their third album, receiving a trophy of white gold. Girls' Generation took the Samsung YEPP Digital Golden muziki File Award for their back-to-back hits "Tell Me Your Wish" and "Gee," which remained...
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 BaekYeon moment<3
BaekYeon moment<3
Well I am uandishi an makala about BaekYeon (well obviouslyXD)
Anyways...I've been feeling very angry and frustrated these days because of the bashing of BaekYeon so I decided to write this makala to vent our anger!!

Okie,so where should we start? it!


As wewe all might know,EXO-L is the official name of Exo fans.Being a Baekhyun bias,I don't see a freaking reason to hate BaekYeon.Nowadays,I think it has calm down a little (hate comments) but I still see people drawing on Taeyeon's posters and posting them on social media and...
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SNSD + Super Junior Seoul MV
Super Junior
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