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 I Got A Boy Chibis
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sanaa ya shabiki
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First of all, I am sorry if I am hurting any of wewe with my opinion. But this is what exactly I feel, when I listen to this song and watch the MV

Lines distribution
I know many people agree with me on this. I think the distributions are slightly unfair, even i am glad to hear Hyoyeon and Sooyoung zaidi in this song. BUT Tiffany got so many lines. Even the high notes, while Seohyun only gets few lines. Honeslty, I think Tiffany is very bad during live performance. So I am very worried about that. But I guess it is too early to expect anything.

Hurm, I don't have anything to say, because the MV is such a mess!!

All of them looks very beautiful. Finally I get to see Sunny with long hair :) Miss that.

Well, I like that. It becomes addicting. Even I actually expect zaidi from them, but i am not disappointed.
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posted by Curlymckay_
hujambo everybody, wewe may au may not remember me, but I was apart of the club about a mwaka zamani and then all of a sudden I left. So I just wanted to say that I should be back again but I won't be as active as I was last time. Last time I made a bunch of foramu games and I'll probably do one au two this time.

If you're wondering why I left in the first place, I was young(er) and I was so shocked kwa the amount of Tiffany hate that I got really mad and just never when on again and when I would go on I wouldn't post, just look at the new kura za maoni and stuff.

So just wanted to tell wewe people so I wouldn't feel awkward just suddenly appearing again. Yeah, that's it. Thanks for kusoma :D