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 Sexy Sooyoung❤ ❥
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This Girl’s Generation/SNSD picha might contain bare miguu, pantyhose, skintight suruali, skintight, akamzalia miguu pantyhose, suruali skintight, hosiery, hose, tights, and leotards.

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After the success of S.M. Entertainment's boy band, Super Junior, the company planned to debut a new girl group, which would ultimately turn into Girls' Generation, featuring a start-up roster of 11 members.[12] For nearly two years, Korean websites speculated about which of the female SM Entertainment trainees would be placed into the group. The candidate members were professionally trained primarily in imba and dancing, while some were also selected to be trained in uigizaji and modeling. Many of the candidate members had already made names for themselves in the Korean entertainment...
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*Disclaimer: The main ideas are based on the Hunger Games, but most of it is completely false, since I've never really read the book, and never watched the movie, and to avoid plagarism, I'm adding stuff that never really happened, so please don't complain about how this might be very unrelated to the movie. Hope wewe enjoy!*

Chapter 1:

Jessica(narrating): It's been a few years since SNSD and f(x) had to go their separate ways, and South Korea hasn't been profiting very much since then. All that is left is our wealthy Capitol, and the districts that have now been set to fend for themselves....
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Well first the title,translated to english would be 'Happy Birthday Taeyeon' and yeah this time I'll talk about this pretty unnie^_^

It's Taeyeon's 26th birthday,can wewe believe it!?Her face just looks like a lady in her early 20s but,believe it au not au Taeyeon unnie is a mature lady who laughs,talks, and even act like an a ajumma..ㅋㅋㅋ
Message to unnie:
SoShi comeback made me feel really excited and I upendo their new song but unnie and your 8 other sisters shouldn't work to hard either,unnie,please rest well and not get sick so wewe can perform another amazing performance for us,SONES.I upendo you!!

Lastly,let's wish Taeyeon a Happy Birthday!!🎉🎊