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 Tiffany for Allure Magazine June 2015
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I remembered that I occasionally did these for the members, and this is no exception, aliyopewa the current situation. Let's begin!

Ah, Jessica. While I'd like to say that I upendo her as much as the other members, I can't. Don't get me wrong, I still upendo all of them, but some are just higher than others. No big deal, but I'm speaking the truth when I say that I don't upendo her as much as the rest. Out of all the members, she's the only one that never became my bias, which is surprising for me since I thought I could relate zaidi to her, since we had lots in common.

The reason why I thought I could...
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I would like to add zaidi makala to SNSD.So here goes my sekunde article.Seriously I am not biased.Its just my opinion.Hope you'll enjoy it......

I really found out her very plain.I even didn't like her hair.She sounds odd to me.Well,her reactions doesn't suit her.

I hate her hair and absolutely her reaction.Looking deep into her,she looks plain.

Her beauty got stolen kwa this reaction.I really didn't find her pretty.She hasn't got a feel of crying.

That pose doesn't suit her.No reactions in her face was a thing to put her in this place.

Her hair ruins her...
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Ladies and gentlemen
Can wewe hear me?
I hope wewe are ready for a fast ride
Cause that’s what we’re going for tonight
So sit back and buckle up
Cause you’ll be racing with the stars tonight
Listen! Wow!

[Taeyeon] Hwachanghan sunny siku pyeongbeomhan geon jaemi eobtji
Teukbyeolhan bimireul chaja tteonabolkka eodiro?
[Tiffany] Eoril jeok deureo bon deutan sinbiroun mijiui segyero!
Right now, sigani eobseo, nae sonjit ttara follow me

[All] Holler holler holler
[Seohyun] Nawa nuneul matchwo
[All] Holler holler holler
[Taeyeon] Jamdeun ne mameul kkaewo
[All] Holler holler holler
[Seohyun] Sijakhae boneun geoya...
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specially made for the sone ^^
>>i can never ever resist this picture
>>shy but cute
>> i really upendo the background of this pic
>>most fav pic of her in magazine
>>nice post from her
>> its like the fany's picture <the first one>
i upendo that hair ^^
>>nice and fierce
>>very and superb cute
>> cute right??

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girls generation
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