Her cartoon self has bright red hair like Thumbelina
Before Giselle came into our world she only had a mkufu but no earings to match it but when she comes out of a manhole she magically has them on her.

When Giselle comes out of the manhole we see sparlkles coming out of her wedding dress but after that we don't see the sprakles anymore

When Robert is talking to Phoebe her hand is on the meza, jedwali whereas before she hadn't her hands on the table.

How did Giselle end up in Robert's place so quick she hardly went on the train where the subway was au maybe she did.

The inayofuata morning when Robert sees Nancy ,and he runs out ,he is rather scruffy looking but when we see him again he is clean shaved.

When Giselle and Robert are at the restaurant we see Robert's parting changing from having no fringe to actually having one. This is definelty a wig.

When Nathnail has is disguised as a waiter the back of his head his blonde and his front part is black, probably a black apron he had on his head.

At the ballroom scene we see confetti falling down but when Giselle and Robert stop dancing its gone.

Question: How in the hell did Nancy have no shoes and she was bone dry after we see Giselle battling the dragon on the juu of the tower and kissing Robert before we see Nancy sitting down as the people who wer over the ball were tidying up e.g stacking the chairs?

When Giselle says Hold on to Robert he has his sleeve caught in the sword. But when we see the two kiss after that as we see the close up zooming out, his left sleeve magically disappears.

When Giselle is a cartoon her hair is bright red but when she's in our world her hair is brownish blonde.

Q: How come Edward and Nathnaial were allowed into the Grand Duke hotel with no money?

Do wewe ever wonder are Nancy and Giselle's shoe sizes are magically the same?. Sisterhood of the travelling pants anyone?

Q: How did Nathanial's hair is shorter than when we first saw him in the end with Edward and Nancy?.

Q. When Robert gives Nancy her phone she still has it with her at her wedding as she broke it at the alter kwa throwning it away.

Q: Well that was quick that Giselle and Robert opened the kids boutiue, I wonder how did they get down off the tower..............jumped

I know its a kids movie but these kind of Q's may be asked kwa kids.

Now her hair colour is slightly changed
Robert's hair changes in between shots.
Robert's right sleeve entirely disappears .
When Giselle enters our world she has earings wheras in the cartoon world she has no earings
When Giselle and Robert danced together we see pink confetti falls down from the ceiling but when they stop dancing it disappears
Ok seriously where did Edward get money from on trees LOLsurely he didn't sneak inside