As the lights were dimmed down a song called So Close was playing at the ball.

Your in my arms
And all the world is calm
(As Robert listened to these lines he remembered his days with Giselle)

The muziki playing along
For only two

So Close together
And when I am with you
(Robert was beginning to fall in love)

So Close
To feeling alive
(He felt so alive when he was with Giselle as he was looking at her big blue eyes as she glared into his dreamy blue eyes also)

A life goes by
Romantic dreams must die
So I bid mine goodbye
(When he alisema goodbye to Giselle when she left with Edward)
And never knew
(that he was in upendo with her)

So Close was waiting
Waiting here with you
And now forever I know
( As Robert looked at Giselle’s hands he hated to let her go off with Edward again)
All that I wanted to hold wewe
(As he gazed into Giselle’s eyes she too felt the same way as he does for her and he quickly danced to the right hand side. As they danced his girlfriend Nancy who was dancing with Edward was jealous of Giselle with Robert)
So Close

So Close
To reaching that famous happy ending
(Robert thought of what he and Giselle would be like if they lived happily ever after)

Almost believing this was not pretending
(As he twirled her around the floor he quickly went over to her and alisema to himself I onyesha that Prince of Giselle’s that I too can sing like him.

‘Now your beside me and look how far we come
So Far
We are
So Close’
(Robert sang softly in Giselle’s ear as he moyo was melting like butter…..he looked at her and suddenly he felt like he was Enchanted with Giselle’s beauty. muziki was playing faster and faster and as the song came to a finish as the two of them were falling for one another, his girlfriend taps on his shoulder. )

Oh how could I face the faceless days
(‘Mind if I cut in’ says Nancy, Giselle looked at Robert,’No of course she alisema as she was going off with Edward )

If I should lose wewe know

(Robert was looking at Nancy as if she was being very ignorant towards Giselle)

We’re So Close

To reaching

That famous happy ending

Almost believing
This was not pretend

(As Giselle was going up the stairs with Edward her moyo was broken)

Lets go on dreaming

(Your sad says Edward to Giselle. Oh no im fine alisema Giselle as she was putting on a brave face for Edward.

Though we know we are

(I’ll get your wrap, upangaji pamoja says Edward and as he left Giselle was bursting into tears as her real true upendo which is Robert was with Nancy as she kissed him on the lips)

So Close
So Close
And still so far

So Close yet So Far