Ever wonder what it would be like if all your favourite Disney princess sinema came to life and goes to the big apple in human form i.e. Ariel au Belle for example well that’s what happens in this fairytale comedy about a soon to be princess who comes to life in NY and falls for a real life man who’s an attorney.

Enchanted pokes fun of a lot of Disney sinema like The Little Mermaid(Giselle & Robert are like a déjà vu version of Ariel & Eric only Eric isn’t a father who works as an attorney in NY and Ariel’s hair is zaidi darker compare to Giselle’s yet both of them are so alike), Snow White(evil Queen tries to kill her stepdaughter whereas in Enchanted Giselle is an orphan(well we never seen her parents so I prosume that they are dead) and she is getting married to a prince who’s evil stepmother is a queen, plus both Enchanted & Snow White have a poison apple) ,Sleeping Beauty (Giselle fights the dragon instead of Edward trying to defeat the dragon as the Sleeping Beauty movie had a hero saving the girl whereas in this movie it’s the heroine who saves her man), Shrek(both Enchanted & Shrek mock other fairytale sinema only Shrek focuses on the brother grimns fairytales whereas Enchanted focuses on Disney).

The main character in the film Enchanted, Giselle has 80 % of Snow White,Auroua and Cinderella’s personality traits but she has Ariel’s obsession on True Love. She also has a passion for making dresses just like cinderella as I mentioned before. What I like about Enchanted is that not only does it take the crap out of every Disney fairytale movie like Sleeping Beauty au The Little Mermaid but it’s the characters and the story that’s behind the movie that really made it work as well as the strong chemistry between Amy Adams character Giselle and Patrick Dempsey who plays Robert . Its nice to watch a movie that has a feel good theme to it and to look back at how wonderful Disney was back in the 1930s au the 1990s. Today Disney has a huge habit of repeating itself over and over again its just so annoying. But Enchanted for me is the best Disney movie (whether wewe like it au not) of all time . Another movie that I think Enchanted is similar to only better is the 2001 movie Kate & Leopold which was similar only Leopold wasn’t a hand drawn cartoon character and that he didn’t stay in Brooklyn in the end of the movie.

The sinema that I think Enchanted mocked the most was

Sleeping Beauty: dragon scene/Queen Narissa is similar to Maleficent as she turns into a dragon and she has black hair.

Cinderella: Giselle loves making dresses, goes to a ball and the clock strikes 12.

Snow White: Poison apple/old hag/sickly sweet girl who can drive wewe mad.

Beauty & the Beast: Robert’s Victorian costume was similar to Beasts only beast’s version was dhahabu and navy whereas Robert’s was silver and navy./Chandelier when Giselle is dancing with Robert /Nancy is like Belle’s twin, Prince Edward is like Gaston only zaidi younger and he has short mid length hair,Nathanial is like lefou.

The Little Mermaid: Close up kiss scenes between Robert & Giselle was very similar/the characters are like Ariel & Eric/ mashua scene/that’s how wewe know the song is similar to Under the Sea/you can hear the Part of your world song in the background in Robert’s work place/Jodi Benson appears in Enchanted (her first live action movie) as Sam.

Anastasia: I know I mentioned this one before but the whole is this a habit of yours scenario is similar to Anastasia where Anya says to Dimitri if we live through this remind me to thank wewe and in Enchanted Giselle says is this a habit of yours kwa falling off of stuff and Robert says Only when your around to catch me whereas in Anastasia Dmitri says yeah wewe can thank me later.