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So Close(a video made kwa me)

Today is a fairytale

Can I have this dance-Robert/giselle

The muziki for Enchanted with Amy Adams

Ever Ever After in Italian

Enchanted Video


Enchanted parody

Never had a dream come true:Enchanted


Say it again-Enchanted

Movie T4 Special

Giselle argues with Robert


Kiss me:Enchanted





When I fall in love-Enchanted


Enchanted-Good life

The world ain't slowing down(Enchanted)

I want wewe to want me

Waking up in vegas

Polish version of Ever Ever After

Robert/Edward/Giselle:The Girl is mine

So Close(Enchanted)Spanish

Enchanted Masquerade

Enchanted:Disney gets Enchanted

Because wewe live: Enchanted

Not just make believe

When wewe say nothing at all:Enchanted

Amy Adams& Patrick Dempsey Unscripted interview

Enchanted:Life is beautiful

Ever After

hujambo Soul Sister

So Close

siku kwa siku


Today was a fairytale: Enchanted

Someday my prince will come


Clip from Valentines siku

Empire State of Mind::Enchanted

cinderella beautiful:Enchanted

Kevin Lima:Director of film

Idina Menzel:Star sinema

Stay with me


Giselle and Robert

Back the hand of time:Giselle/Robert

Enchanted --Movie Promo for New Zealand.

What if: Enchanted

All au Nothing:Enchanted

Robert/Giselle:So Close



She left-Enchanted clip

Enchanted Melody



So Close:Enchanted deja vu moment

Enchanted: Ever Ever After/So Close

Enchanted Kings of New York

The Show-Enchanted

It's magic

Taking Chances-Enchanted

Eyes on Me -Giselle /Robert

Featurette of the film


Premire of movie:Enchanted

So Close in some language

Enchanted is my all time fav

Enchanted muziki video

First Time

Enchanted- Robert/Giselle Ring my bells


Amy Adams & Patrick Dempsey interview

Jon Mclaughlin: So Close


I will be-Enchanted

Enchanted-Your a nyota

Enchanted: Ballroom scene and kiss scene

So Close with lyrics

Enchanted:Animated part of the movie

Enchanted: Giselle & Robert: arguing scene to Kiss scene

Movie Phone; Enchanted

Alan Menkin Interview

Amy Adams on he big wedding dress she wore

Amy Adams in Germany with Kevin Lima interview part 1

Ballroom scene

Enchanted video

Giselle & Robert: Tribute to Enchanted

Enchanted : upendo Story

She's like the Wind

Dance with Enchanted

Enchanted SUMMARY

Disney upendo pembetatu : Sam & Robert

Disney & fox, mbweha Chemicals React