Give Me a Smile.

Lend me your hand as we leave footprints in the sand.
call me when wewe want my help, I will bestow wewe words that will take away the pain wewe have dealt.
never let others judge you, just be yourself and do what wewe do, like wewe have nothing else to lose.
dream big dreams, God wewe created them for wewe and they just might be your destiny.

Overcome your greatest fears, it’s not a good habit to live on like that, my dear.
sometimes, life can be a dream but also your worst nightmare, your number one biggest scare.
give me that heart-warming smile; I just want wewe to be happy even if it’s just a little while.
don’t cry my child, my friend, soon all those thoughts and voices will disappear in the end.
keep your chin up and don’t feel down, be like the silver lining that strikes every cloud.

Go outside and explore the world, wewe won’t know what’s out there until wewe go.
grasp that small luminous light, grab onto it and hold on tight.
capture your precious memories and lock them up in your heart, tell them to the moon and the stars above.
believe and shine your aura, upendo the one who loves wewe forever.

Find your own place in this world, everyone has one.
Take the first step, enjoy what comes nevertheless.