Glee Song Elimanation

finnhudsonishot posted on Aug 07, 2011 at 10:29AM
ok so some of u may know how to play this but for those who dont
All the songs i put are gonna start with 10 points if its ur fave put a plus sign if you dislike it put - sign
Then update it
You have to wait 10 hours before posting again
Ok here are the songs

Pretending by rachel and finn 10
Get it right by rachel 10
Total eclipse of the heart by rachel finn jesse and puck 10
Loser like me by new directions 10
Poker face by shelby and rachel 10
Born this way by new directions 10
Bust the windows out your car by mercedes 10
Beth by puck10
Sing by mike and tina 10
Not gonna teach him how to dance by blaine 10
Somewhere only we know by the warblers 10

Glee 52 majibu

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