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-So i have read alot of fanfics about what if blair was really pregnant (season one, ep.13), and i loved all of them, but it's always chuck's baby... so here's a different look at it...blair doesn't really know who the father is! Hope wewe enjoy it!!!
-I own nothing!

* Blair is at home, she's getting really annoyed because she hates morning sickness...

B: Oh God... not again (runs to her bathroom)! I thought babies made wewe eat more, not throw up!

-she comes down for breakfast and is surprised her mother is back..

E: Is everything alright blair?
B: Mom, your back!! Yes, everything is perfect...
E: Blair... i heard wewe in the bathroom!!!
B: Mom, i'm alright!
E: Why do wewe keep doing this to yourself Blair?!
(for the first time blair wasn't lying when she alisema she wasn't back with the bulimia)
B: I didn't do anything! I have to go (leaves to school)
E: Blair cornelia waldorf!!!!

*She's walking to school and chuck pulls up with his limo... the limo

C: Wanna ride?
B: I'm sure you'd upendo to give me a ride!!!
C: I meant to school blair!
B: Oh... why are wewe being nice Bass?
C: 'Cause wewe might be carrying my child!
B: Shut up... someone might hear you... and about what i said! I bet it's not yours, Nate is the father for sure!!!
C: Didn't wewe say he was slow and boring?
B: I never alisema such thing... i alisema gentle... and romantic and perfect! Something you'll never be chuck, and no, i don't want a ride to school! I'm gonna get fat, so i might as well exercise while i can!
C: Take care... of Nate's baby then...(being sarcastic)
B: I will Bass... bye now!
C: Sure!

*She arrives to school and is surprised kwa Nate

N: hujambo blair!
B: Nate... (hugs him) i missed you!
N: So did i... so how's the...
B: Everything is fine! But Eleanor got back today... she heard me in the bathroom, wewe know morning sickness, she thought i was back with the bulimia!
N: You're not right?! Because it would hurt the... wewe know...
B: No nate i'm not!
N: Good, because i'd never forgive wewe if something bad happened...
B: I'm not an evil person, i'd never hurt 'it' on purpose!
N: Look there's chuck, we should talk... all of us about how to handle Eleanor!
B: I guess you're right, he's just not that into it... wewe know he doesn't want anything to do with this, when it blows up!
N: How can wewe be so sure? You're the one who slept with him, so he has everything to do with it!
B: I know you're still hurt, but wewe can stop thowing that in my face Nate!
N: I know... i'm sorry!

S: hujambo wewe guys (serena approaches them)
B: hujambo S...
N: Serena!
S: wewe look tense, were wewe fighting?
N: No, just talking... there's a lot of stuff!!!
B: Yes!
S: Are wewe ok? Is anything wrong with the...
B: NO! why do wewe people keep asking about it? the... is fine! But i'm not! have wewe thought about how i am? God!!! (walks away angry)
N: How selfish is that?!
S: It's not called selfish, it's called blair!!! But she's right... she didn't plan this Nate... and with wewe and chuck down on her, she must feel awfull!
N: Well if she didn't sleep with chuck, we'd be sure who the father is and non of this would be happening!!
S: Nate! We all have to try to be civil! It's a baby, a child, whoever the father is... you're still her boyfriend!
N: I'm not... we decided to give it time... our relation!
S: Oh... i guess wewe have that right!
N: But your also right, we're here for this child, blair's child with... whoever it is!
(whilw nate was saying this, guess who hear it?! Jenny Humphrey)

J: hujambo Iz, Penelope, wewe will not believe what i heard?
P: What is it lil J, we're waiting for Blair!
J: Who? Blair the slut who's preggo and doesn't know who the father is?
P: What?
J: wewe heard it... i already sent it to Gossip girl... just wanna see the look on her face when she reads it!!
P: Well done... Queen J! (smirks)

Various people are looking at blair and calling her nates and saying stuff... she doesn't quite get it, until she opens her phone and sees it... everyone knows, and everyone is talking...
(what? OMG.. no... no no no no!- she thinks) She can't hold the tears and starts running out of school, in that same moment serena and nate check their phones, and watch blair run away, and start to go after her, but Chuck got to her first, putting her inside his limo...

C: Come in... fast!?
B: Why are wewe helping me (crying)?
C: Because... i'm part of this as much as i hate it... and you?!
B: Well wewe won't be the only one hating me after this... the whole school saw, and they were mocking me.. it's awfull!
C: (grabs blair and holds her) Look, we're together in this...
B: We are? (looks in his eyes)
C: Yes, wewe me nate...
B: Oh (looks disappointed)
C: I'm a jerk i know it... but i'm not leaving wewe like this... I'm sorry! (kisses her arm) I really am!
B: Hold me again...
(So he did... and before he could see it coming she planted a kiss right on his lips)

*Serena and Nate... tried to follow her, but she was gone

S: See what wewe did... wewe were the one talking!
N: Like it's only my fault serena... wewe alisema the B word too!!!
S: Now what?
N: Now, we have to talk to people...
S: Are wewe crazy... that would kill Blair...
N: So?
S: Ok... for now we will do nothing because she's gone, but text chuck and tell him that we will al go to the palace me wewe and blair to talk! Tonight!
N: wewe text him... i don't feel like asking him for anything Serena!!!
S: wewe know, yesterday we weren't like this! Wonder what happened to the sweet boy who found out he actualy loved his girlfriend!
N: He found out she slept with his best friend and got pregnant!
S: Fine Nate!

*At the limo...

C: Blair... we can't do this!
B: Chuck... please just shut up... and touch me! I need wewe (she whispered in his ear)
-Right there in his limo they made upendo once again!

----->Next episode will be their meeting and the consequences of what happened today, and i promise wewe it'll be worth it!!! Comment.

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