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A/N: Ok, so I’m really out of it today and have been doing practically nothing all day…but I told myself I was going to be doing a bunch of uandishi and that starts with this update. I won’t be updating ‘so what if I’m jealous’ for awhile, but after I complete the couple beta-ing jobs I’m supposed to finish after this chapter, I intend on uandishi a Vanessa one-shot (b/c she is becoming closer and closer to one of my fav characters kwa the day) about her breakup with Nate, which was ridiculous…but I won’t even get into it now. Following that I’ve got three ‘book of beginning’ chapters I’ll be uandishi and a few fun things after that. So, just keep kusoma and make sure to review. I update this story after each of my ‘swiij’ chapters have been updated, so this one won’t get updated for awhile either. I hope wewe like it so far. Let me know your fav parts! =D
**Remember! This story started post 2x20. That is why Georgie is reformed, but not, why Nate is kind of not okay with Blair when she’s not absolutely perfect (since CN didn’t have that conversation from 2x21), and why CB are tense—they’re still kind of not really speaking kwa this point, and like that foiler told us: CV have been sleeping together on and off for the last 1-2 weeks, because that’s how long it’s been from since 2x20 in this particular fic.
Ch.3—Confusing Circumstances (Nate’s POV)
I stood there with Dan. Outside in the courtyard. I was avoiding Chuck at the moment, particularly because he hadn’t tried anything with Blair, but I was afraid she might stop hating him soon and that would ruin everything. It didn’t matter that I had broken near four girls’ hearts this year. What mattered was that I had Blair again, and she had changed for the better. I couldn’t let Chuck mess with what we had.
    Not that I felt threatened…
The real reason that I was standing kwa Dan though was because Georgina had been giving me this unnerving feeling. She had been following me around at home, giving me this stare like she knew something but would never really let on about it. Plus, whenever I turned towards her she’d plant a humungous smile on her face. It seemed genuine, to be honest, but Chuck and Blair had been so eager for me to take her in, I figured it wasn’t really wise to trust her. Even if I thought a sekunde chance was in order.
    I rubbed the side of my face, feeling some sort of guilty burning sensation developing there.
    He cleared his throat.
    I turned my gaze to Dan, and noticed he was glaring.
    At me.
    “Am I missing something?” I asked, genuinely confused.
    He just continued his stare—I’d hoped it was just an intense stare, but the way he lifted the small coffee cup to his lips and lowered it back to jiunge with his other hand again, without even looking away from me with that deadly ‘stare’, I figured ‘stare’ was too much positivity to hope for.
    “Georgina?” he asked, zaidi of a heated sarcasm loosing itself from his lips than what I had suspected to tag itself along with that glare.
    His hands started moving about, and before I could stop the predicted action, the hot liquid had spilled across his pants.
    I stood instantly and pulled a handy handkerchief out of my pocket, offering it to the troubled Brooklyn boy.
    “Thanks,” he said, hesitantly posting the small dry warmth to his dampened pants. “Oh man…” he muttered aggravatingly. He had stood to his feet as well, but after tossing a few zaidi concerned stares across the courtyard, he took his kiti, kiti cha again. He held up the now wet handkerchief for me to take back, but I only laughed a bit and gestured with my hands that he could keep it. He laughed a little too, and in an awkwardly painful manner, stuffed the fabric into the side of his pants.
    “Nate,” he inquired, and I turned my head to look at him. I suppose one can only look at one’s bag of school supplies for so long before getting bored.
    “Did wewe have to send her over to Jenny? She’s my sister, and she was your---” I nodded, getting the hint.
    “Look, it wasn’t my first plan, ok?” I said, and if I was smart in any fashion it was possible that his glare lessened and was slightly replaced with some concern and empathy. “Apparently Blair had some sort of meltdown with her the other day, Vanessa doesn’t go to school here, Serena—well, obviously even if she were here I couldn’t subject her to that sort of torture because of what happened last year, and I am a guy. I couldn’t have her following me around all siku at St. Judes—a private boys school.”
    I get enough of that at home.
    He seemed to understand, but following his gaze I could see how panicked Jenny looked. There she stood, as awkward as possible and as far away from Georgina as she could get without looking to be trying to get away from her. Georgie’s arm was wrapped around her though, and if one looked close enough it could definitely be alisema that the older girl was playing with the younger Humphrey’s straight blonde locks.
    Dan twitched.
    He had been silent for awhile, but I wasn’t about to intrude on his thoughts. I had my own to think about. Between dealing with Georgina on our awkward as possible walk nyumbani and thinking about how to keep my best friend and my girlfriend apart, I hardly knew where my sanity lie. Things were so good with Blair now. I really felt important to her. And even if she took the liberty to announce to me everyday how much better life was with me than with Chuck…a pang of jealousy always overtook me. He had taken her virginity after all. That was nothing I could fix, no matter how nice I was for her, and how much I strived to make up for all those years when my attention had been on my girlfriend’s best friend and not my girlfriend.
    Serena took my virginity though, didn’t she…
    That’s clearly not the same thing as Chuck taking Blair’s. I mean he’s…
    “Chuck Bass!” Dan alisema aloud, and I was brought back to the individual sitting inayofuata to me I had nearly forgotten was there.
    I turned my head to him again. “Hmm?” I asked.
    “You could have asked Chuck to do this!” he alisema it like it was the easiest solution in the world.
    I scoffed. “Chuck?”
    “Yeah!” he continued in the same tone. It was not appreciated. I shook my head. “Remember? Your supposed best friend?”
    I sighed.
    “Or has that changed again?” he asked.
    My baby blues raised to his fairly light brown eyes. “No, no of course not. It’s just…”
    He raised his eyebrows.
    I turned my eyes back to Jenny, the girl who had become incredibly independent and mature over the last few months. Yes, that girl was the one who looked insecure. I cringed for her.
    “Eric’s kwa her?” I suggested.
    Dan eyebrows furrowed, but then all at once he comprehended that I was avoiding things again.
    I suppose I wasn’t the most entirely subtle person on the planet, at least not at St. Judes.
    “That’s good, right?”
    He sighed and nodded. “Yes, I suppose that makes me feel better.”
    I smiled, having at least accomplishing one thing au another, and then settled my gaze back on the ground.
    “Look,” he began, and I knew I was in for one of those deep heartfelt friendship talks. Quite frankly, I was not in the mood. No one, not even Chuck himself, was going to tell me there was no innate bond between Chuck and Blair that I shouldn’t be worried about.
    “Dan—” I tried to cut him off, but I suppose in his defense…I was not trying very hard.
    “Archibald,” he alisema in a deep voice, unable to maintain his seriousness however, and we both burst out in a few short laughs. “You see, I could never do that. Normally. On a regular basis,” he alisema awkwardly, after our laughter had ceased.
    I smiled and gained his eye contact again. “Chuck…Chuck could, he can, he is like the king of last name basis’s,” Dan smirked.
    “Very true,” I nodded, still a twinkle of light-heartedness in my tone.
    “So,” he continued, drawing back to seriousness, “if wewe feel threatened kwa Chuck, wewe have to tell him. And Blair,” he concluded.
    I looked to him painfully, like that was the worst thing he had come up with. I couldn’t possibly confront Chuck and Blair about this. Besides, some part of me highly doubted that would stop them if they still held some sort of sparks. But maybe Dan was right. Maybe it was better to get these types of fears out in the open. Maybe then Blair wouldn’t be so hesitant to songesha in with me.
Two weeks is zaidi than enough time to consider such a request.
    I saw from the corner of my eye, Dan slinking against the stone post we were nearly up against. “Just give it some thought,” he said, and I allowed it with a simple head nod. Then, a moment later he shook his head.
    My eyes focused in on him. “What is it?”
    “It’s just…well,” he cleared his throat, and I focused a bit zaidi intently.
    “Dan?” I asked.
    He sighed. “Vanessa’s going to kill me for giving wewe advice about Blair.”
    I chuckled and tried to brush the thought away, but somewhere in me I just couldn’t. I leaned my back against the other side of the stone post and Lost myself in that last nonchalant statement. Seeing Blair at numerous points throughout the siku definitely helped ease the pressure his words had enduced, and it wasn’t like I had ever cheated on the curly Brooklynite, but… Vanessa. She certainly was, certainly had been—
    “I’m sure Jenny will be fine,” Dan announced, and just like that he had broken through my thoughts again.
    I nodded, smiling briefly, and then remembering that I had been romantically involved with that feisty blonde as well. I ran a hand through my sandy-blonde hair.
    Had I been romantically involved with every girl?
    I opened the paper bag sitting beside me and took out the sandwhich I near forgot I had. It was lunch after all and this was why we were sitting outside for so long. Thinking made my head hurt, and nearly every maoni Dan made created both torturing and encouraging thoughts in that hopeful head of mine.
    1 bite.
    Two zaidi bites.
    And a glance from Dan. I was afraid to look. And where was Blair? Wasn’t she supposed to be out in the courtyard during lunch? Jenny was here. Georgina was with her. Eric was beside them, probably zaidi as protection for his blonde counterpart than anything else. Even the mean girls were gathered together—without their leader. Blair.
    They weren’t even looking around for her!
    Something was wrong here.
    Why did I even bring Georgina to school?
    Why were we allowing her to be at school with us? We don’t even know her intentions.
    Serena was gone—still in Spain.
    But everyone else was in their normal place. Where they’re supposed to be. Outside. In the courtyard. Eating lunch.
    Oh wait, no.
It wasn’t just Blair.
    Two people were missing.
Blair and Chuck.
“Dan?” I asked, not taking notice of how he was stuffing his face. Clearly we had a similar track mind when it came to eating chakula and thought processes.
“Hmm?” he asked, both cheeks stuffed with food.
But I wasn’t even looking at him. I just furrowed my eyebrows in a confusing frustration. “Have wewe seen Blair today?”
“Blair! Hey!” I told her, forcing myself to bump into her in between classes. Imagine my surprise when she didn’t appear thrilled to see me.
Shocked and scared is zaidi like it, Archibald.
“Nate! Hey…” she said, looking around awkwardly and turning her cheek to me when I tried to kiss her.
I looked at her strangely, because honestly I can’t hide my confusion when it’s at the surface, which it always is. She dragged through her hair and looked at me apologetically. Now I felt bad, but only just a little. She was the one uigizaji weird after all.
“I’m sorry,” she said, wincing. “I’m just still so stressed from the whole ‘Georgina’ thing,” she sighed briefly and then a panicked look crossed her face.
Oh no.
What had I done?
Where was Chuck?
“Aww, I’m sorry. Is there anything I can—”
“Where is she?” she asked, and now I wanted to run. au gulp. au something that might have been expected of the old me. But I was with Blair now, and I was going to do it right this time.
I put a hand through my own hair.
“Oh, I just gave her to Jenny for the day.”
Her eyes widened.
“You did what?!” and if her voice hadn’t lowered itself to the dungeons of Hell, it would have been shrieking. I pulled her to the side of the hall.
“Calm down, Blair,” I said, rubbing her shoulder in some sort of soothing movement, I hoped.
She nodded her head slowly for a few seconds, gulping I supposed, and when she looked back up at me she was smiling brightly and appeared as if nothing had been wrong just now. “You’re right, Nate,” she said, adjusting the mfuko wa fedha, mfuko on her shoulder. “I don’t know what got into me. It’s not as if I have a particular attachment to Jenny anyways. She can handle the biatch.”
And then she sighed contently.
Like that last statement was the most brilliant she had ever come up with.
I tried to hold back my confused look, but like I said…I really can’t myself.
“Uh…ok. Well, oh hey!” I said, lightly punching her shoulder. She readjusted herself briefly to the action, and I could sense some sort of discomfort.
Mental note: Don’t shoulder ngumi, punch Blair Waldorf
She just smiled up at me. And I swear she might have been clenching her teeth behind those pursed ruby lips.
    Second Mental Note: Smiles are sometimes venomous. Learn to decipher.
    “I wanted to know…if wewe had thought any zaidi about moving in with me,” I alisema gently, bracing myself for the outcome. Surely kwa now she had come to her senses.
    She sighed, looked to the floor, and then looked back at me. She stepped about a foot closer and I was hoping it was for physical intimacy not for the destruction of my feet au eardrums.
    “I thought we talked about this.” She whispered. So low I could hardly tell. I moved my feet apart ever so slightly, so as to prevent damage to both of them at once if she so decided on that particular route.
    “Only once!” I declared, “And that was when deciding what to do with Georgina. I thought maybe wewe would have thought about it some zaidi kwa now. Maybe you’ve had time to clear your head? Think about it in a different light?”
    She was boiling.
    About to explode.
    But I never saw it coming. It was only in the afterthought naturally.
    She giggled.
    That was my warning sign.
    Then she sighed even zaidi contently. Like she had just gotten into Yale au finally won her mother’s respect.
    That was my sekunde tip-off.
    But the third, biggest and most significant of them all was when she looked back up into my eyes and glared.
    Blair Waldorf does not glare at Nate Archibald, I’ve noticed.
    “Are wewe having a bad day?” I asked, now concerned.
    She grunted, moaned, shrieked and screamed all with her mouth closed. Oh, and she stomped her right foot, but I made sure to back away just in time.
    “I didn’t see wewe at lunch…” I said, fearing my own safety along with hers now. Not that I had been secure in any thoughts of safety for myself, but now these anxieties were spilling over in the form of sweat droplets beneath my golden bangs.
    She cleared her throat. “I had some business to attend to with Chuck.”
    “Chuck?” I asked, jealousy seeping through. I was fearful though. I had pushed her so far already. And in just a single conversation.
    “Yes, Chuck,” she said, refraining back to the glare she had previously sported. “He’s my friend too. Remember, Nate?” she spat.
    Two glares in one day.
This cannot be good for me.
I sighed.
“Yes, I know…it’s just—”
“What?” she cut me off, searching me now with worried eyes.
I took her hands in my own and she didn’t steal herself away. I knew the moto had gone and inside I breathed a sigh of relief for my sudden luck.
“I don’t trust him with you,” I said, voice very low. I had only just discovered this fact for myself recently. When Chuck told me at the beginning of summer he was in upendo with Blair, the same Blair I had dated for 5+ years, I started realizing how meant to be they were. I actually started rooting for them in my head, even when things went sour. Now that I was with Blair again…I couldn’t help feeling like every moment they were together, some act of faith was trying to rip her from my arms and send her crawling back into his.
“Nate,” she said, talking very slow, “I’m with you, not Chuck. We only started really talking again yesterday, and that was just a mishap when I was freaking out while trying to get rid of Georgina.”
I nodded slowly, wanting to believe the story. I knew I had to in front of her, but the little green monster inside me was raging and I didn’t know how much longer I could hold out.
I smiled, finding it better than the repeat sigh I had become all too fond of during this particular conversation. “You’re right,” I said, “and it’s not wewe I don’t trust. It’s just—” I gestured with my left shoulder, knowing all too well that Chuck was only a little ways down the hall way, and smirking au rolling his eyes at everything wrong I had alisema in regards to Blair’s minor temper-tantrum.
She put her hand on my lips and stepped closer. If I focused on her entirely, I could almost feel some heat rising up between us.
“Well, don’t,” she whispered, kissing me for a brief moment and then readjusting her mfuko wa fedha, mfuko again, turned to leave.
I blinked slowly from the intoxication of her breath. I never remember tasting this wonderful when we dated before, but I’m glad I came to my senses in time. Before she turned to leave completely, I begged the swali once again.
“Blair,” I said, causing her to pause in her movements, “about moving in?”
She looked at me sympathetically, and I cringed at the thought of Blair Waldorf pitying me. “Honestly Nate?” And I just looked at her, afraid to nod au sigh au anything kwa this point.
“It’s too much right now,” she stated.
And yes, I had no idea how to interpret that.
“Does that mean in the future?” I asked, readjusting my tie that had suddenly grown so tight around my collar-covered neck.
She paused.
I could tell she was thinking about something.
au someone and—
Well, I was definitely sighing/hanging my head when she looked past my gaze to Chuck. I didn’t know if he was looking at her, but I could bet almost anything that he was, and that he wouldn’t be when I turned around to check.
But I just kept looking at her.
Hoping she’d just answer the question.
First from her, then from me.
“I have to get to class,” she said, tangling her arms around my neck and brushing a soft kiss on the side of my face.
“Of course,” I said, “me too,” I held up my vitabu as proof, and she giggled at the gesture.
Then, she was gone.
Another hand dragging through my sandy-blonde hair. That conversation had been far too serious for a simple passing in between classes. I looked around and noticed nearly everyone had disappeared, and I had to get to the opposite side of the building.
Sigh. It was salama to do it now.
    “Trouble in paradise?” I heard him ask.
    I have never been so sick of that particular phrase, as when it comes out of my best friend’s mouth. He’s my best friend. It’s not supposed to be this hard. If I had known we were both going to fall in upendo with Blair, I would’ve simply gone out with Serena in the beginning. But maybe then he wouldn’t even have fallen for her.
    Maybe I had to go out with her to make things so dynamic between the two of them.
    I scoffed to myself…in my head, of course. What luck.
    I turned to see Chuck nonchalantly leaning against some freshman lockers, while their owners stood nearby trying to get around him. I shook my head and chuckled, some tension relieved within me. This was why we were best friends. He just glared at them and it sent them running.
    Much like what Blair could do, I told myself.
    I walked towards him, trying as best as I could to clear my thoughts and not come off angry. “No man, why would wewe think that?” I asked, knowing perfectly well why he thought that.
    He shrugged. “Oh I don’t know, maybe the fact that—”
    “Okay, okay,” I said, cutting him off, “she won’t songesha in with me.”
    He nodded, perhaps surprised that I had been so blunt about the whole operation. “You don’t have to worry about me, wewe know,” he said, and I told him I wasn’t, but he didn’t buy it. He gave me that look that alisema in so many ways ‘I’m not stupid’ and ‘you do remember who you’re talking to, right?’.
    “I’m just glad she’s talking to me again,” he almost whispered. I thought maybe I hadn’t heard him. He seemed now to be in a lull, just talking to himself. He had been so playful at the beginning of the conversation and now? Sudden death.
    I didn’t dare interrupt. My head even fell to the ground, gazing at my carefully uncrushed feet. I dwelled for a sekunde on the fact of how proud I was that I had gotten away from Blair’s sharp heels. Then, I realized how stupid these inner thoughts of mine are, and how close to reconciliation both Chuck and Blair seemed to be.
    My head snapped up. “Blair was free game, Chuck.”
    His eyebrows furrowed. I thought for a moment I saw some sort of hurt vulnerability in his eyes, but it was quickly covered kwa some sort of offense.
    “So was Vanessa.”
    He brushed past me. Hard. And then he was gone.
    I didn’t even want to read between the lines of that last statement.
    “Hey man!” I heard, and then I felt a ngumi, punch on my shoulder.
    I turned and smiled.
    Dan Humphrey.
    “Hey!” I said, “What’s up?”
    “Nothing much, but I couldn’t help but to notice…little run in with the BFF?” he asked.
    I laughed. This guy could always make me laugh, and he sure was nice to have around when Chuck and I decided we both wanted the feisty brunette.
    “Yeah, uh…it’s nothing,” I shook it off.
    Of course, he didn’t catch on though. Those Humphrey blood are always so dang observant.
    “You don’t buy it,” I said, starting to walk to my class.
    “Not really,” he shook his head, walking beside me.
    I laughed again. “Of course not.”
    “Look, if it’s any consolation, I promise to never like Blair.”
    This time we both laughed. Though a majority of my laughter circled itself around Dan’s expression when he alisema her name.
    That was something to be grateful for.
    I did not really want to go hunting for Georgina after school, but Dan made sure I pried her away from his little sister, who did not appear anymore enthusiastic about the reformed bitch, kahaba than when I dropped her off early that morning.
    “Thanks Jenny,” I said, nodding to her awkwardly as she pushed the unwanted creature in my direction.
    “I’m not a little kid. wewe don’t have to babysit me,” she grumbled. We all just made eyes at each other, as Dan pulled his sister away and made to dust off what he probably believed to be psycho cuties on his sister’s shoulders and upper back.
    I wasn’t sure if Chuck and I were really fighting, but I wasn’t going to go searching for him just to find him with Blair au in some semi angry/emo mood like he had sunken into at the tail end of our conversation in the hall.
    As far as Blair was concerned, I was guessing she didn’t want to be anywhere near Georgina and so I made to just call her later. It wouldn’t be the end of the world, and Serena was supposed to be coming nyumbani any siku now.
    Spain can’t really be better than Manhattan anyways.
    “So…Nate!” she began, and this time it honestly sounded zaidi awkward on her end.
    Maybe I was in for a treat.
    I cringed.
    “Georgina?” I asked.
    “Aren’t we going to take a car?” she asked, slightly confused.
    Cut off.
    “But don’t wewe have car service?”
    “I do,” I said, beginning to walk, “But since hanging out with Dan, I’ve been trying this whole ‘walking nyumbani from school’ thing.”
    She nodded, sighing contently, and I feared for the worst. “Ah Dan…” she began, walking as well.
    I gulped.
    “He is a great kisser,” she announced.
    “Listen Georgina,” I said, stopping and turning to her. I didn’t need this walk nyumbani to be any zaidi awkward and aggravating than it had already become. “There is a reason you’re staying with me and not Blair. Please don’t abuse our patience any zaidi than wewe already have.” I searched her eyes, hoping she’d see me through.
    “I—I don’t know what got into Blair,” she folded her arms across her chest, having halted as well. “Everything seemed fine to me,” she shrugged her long hair to the backside of her left shoulder.
    I scoffed. “I’m sure wewe don’t. Come on,” I gestured towards the sidewalk and we continued our walk.
    As much as I’d hoped for a silent walk, it could not be allowed kwa the very confusing brunette. People have told me in the past that I appear to be a confusing individual, but I never really understood why. This evil and yet reformed Georgina Sparks is clearly the most confusing individual in existence.
    “Nate…” she started again.
    “Yes?” I asked, painfully.
    “What do wewe know about Blair and Chuck?” she asked coyly.
    She wasn’t serious, was she?
    This was not the time to bring up the most agonizing factors of my life.
    I forced a chuckle. “What?”
    “Blair and Chuck. Chuck and Blair? wewe know, your best friend and your girlfriend?”
    I laughed nervously, wrapping a sweaty hand around my neck briefly before dropping it back to my school bag. That’s what they always were. And now…?
    I sighed, and looked to her curious eyes. “I know who you’re talking about, but aren’t wewe supposed to know everything?” I asked, speaking the last few words slower than usual.
    She rolled her eyes. “I’m not like that anymore, remember Nate? I’ve changed my ways.” She smiled proudly.
    “Right,” my eyes widened.
    “I’m not!” she said, teasingly slapping my upper arm that was facing her.
    I almost glared at her, but some part of me just couldn’t do it. I did stop walking for a short time though. “We’re not friends, Georgina,” I said, before starting to walk again and keeping my eyes focused on the path in front of me.
    She alisema nothing for at least five minutes, and I thought I was off the hook…at least till we got home. I tried focusing on the nature of Manhattan in order to ignore Georgina and my thoughts on Chuck and Blair and if maybe I was trying to prevent something that was inevitable.
    “Chuck and Blair seem very close,” she offered, speeding up to where I had determined speed-walking.
    Where the heck where she was getting this?? They only just started talking again.
    “They used to be,” I mumbled.
    I could feel her smiling behind me, but I decided not to acknowledge it.
    Maybe it was best to use the car service.
    Or at least while Georgina was in town.
    “What happened?” she asked, innocently.
    She’s evil.
    She’s evil.
    She’s evil.
    No matter how much I kept telling myself, I couldn’t believe it fully.
    She just sounded so curious.
    “No matter what she says, do not believe a word of it. She’s evil!!!” Blair had said…
    And I was trying. I really was. She did seem to be going back and forth a little while. And what she did to Serena last mwaka was awful, but…
    “It’s a really long story, but I guess wewe could say it started with them sleeping together the night Blair broke up with me,” I looked to the ground. Was I embarrassed about this?
    “What?!” she almost shrieked.
    “Yeah…took her virginity and everything,” I said, kicking a stone into the street. I could see her readjusting her mfuko wa fedha, mfuko on her far shoulder.
    “Wow…I’m sorry, Nate,” she said, offering a comforting smile.
    I tried not to take it all in.
    Blair knows best.
    I had to believe that.
    I could not confide in Georgina Sparks.
    “Georgina, I don’t think I should be telling wewe this,” I alisema neutrally, though with a hint of sympathy. I really did want to tell her about everything and have her help me what to do. But I’m guessing that wouldn’t go over well with the rest of them…
    “Oh, of course, I’m sorry,” she alisema hastily, and she really sounded like she meant it.
    “Can we just pretend I didn’t tell wewe anything about Chuck and Blair?” I looked vulnerable and I knew it, but if she was as reformed as she was claiming to be, then she would understand and she wouldn’t blackmail me in the process.
    “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”
    Her smile was bright.
    And encouraging.
    And accepting.
    But I had a bad feeling growing inside of me. One that I had continually been burying deep throughout my conversation with Georgina. And one that I would continue to bury until I could regain a sense of the situation.
    Hand rushed through my hair.
    These arrangements were not a good idea…
    A/N: Okay, sorry this took so long. I don’t even know if half this chapter is worthy of all the credit I’ve been getting from the last two chapters. Heh. I am going as fast as I can but I’ve still got to beta two stories and then I’ll try to get on with everything else. If you’re one of those people who needs their story beta-ed, I am REALLY sorry I haven’t gotten it done. I know I alisema I’d get it done this last weekend, but finals are inayofuata week and a lot of unexpected things have come up. But I will do my best to get it done. I’m finding it best that I don’t make any promises…even if I am hoping it will happen before the end of this Saturday (5/9/09). Thanks for kusoma and pleeeeeeease review! ;p
    Oh, and it’s obviously several days later from my first author’s note, since I believe I started uandishi this chapter last Friday. ;p My thoughts are different, but I’ve started a kind of review of every current episode at the juu of my profile…and those are FILLED with my thoughts on GG, if wewe are missing those. Hehe. ;p
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Gossip Girl- Beautiful Girls. Added on YouTube kwa arnaldoasf! One of my inayopendelewa scenes.
Gossip Girl
season 1
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Gossip Girl
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