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A/N: Ok yeah, I know I’m not the best updater. But I made this chapter extra long, so Yay! Mainly cause I have so many ideas for little things in this story it’s really hard to fit them all in. But I hope I did a good job in this chapter, since I really don't think it's the best.
And please review! I upendo when wewe do! And suggestions for what to add in are always welcome too! Thanks!

Blair groaned as she woke up the inayofuata morning. She knew that something important had happened last night but she couldn’t really remember what. As she walked into the bathroom she was greeted with bloodshot eyes and mascara streaks running down her face. That’s when she remembered, France, her dad, and male models, not even models plural, but one male model…. Roman. That wasn’t even all there were short, Jewish, huggers too. She couldn’t hold back a tear as she thought of what would soon happen to her family. And she couldn’t even stop it.

As she walked downstairs her nightmare increased as she realized her other version was down there already, having an animated conversation with Dorota, who was listening very intently, “…And he’s the doorman of Serena’s building. wewe two are so cute together. I was the maid of honor at your wedding and my mom gave wewe a whole two months off for your honeymoon.”

“You’re still here?” Blair alisema cutting off their conversation, looking at her older model.

Dorota immediately stood up worried about the younger Blair’s reaction, she started trying to explain, “Miss Blair, wewe hadn’t woken up and other Miss Blair here wanted breakfast so I made it and we were just talking, but I go make breakfast for wewe now,” and with that she ran off to the kitchen. During that whole time Blair’s eyes never left her future version’s face.

“Well yeah I’m still here. wewe may have kicked me out of your room after I told wewe about Daddy. But there was no way I was leaving wewe alone here tonight,” she calmly explained.

“So thoughtful of you,” Blair alisema sarcastically as she sat down. Right as she was about to say something else though the other Blair’s phone rang.

After a few dakika on the phone, with only a few words for the other Blair to go on she hung up. Looking at her younger self across the room she stood up and reached for her purse, “Come on, we’re leaving,” at Blair’s skeptical look she explained, “Serena had some trouble last night and my Serena is helping her and is now bringing her to Chuck’s suite, where my Chuck volunteered to bring her. So we are going over to help her out.” And with that they both hurried out the door.


Chuck walked into the sitting room to see himself on his phone, checking e-mails. When he heard his younger version walk in Chuck looked up, “Morning. Serena’s coming over soon, as it appears she may have had a rough night. And Blair will be coming over to help with her too,” he alisema as if it was nothing new.

“Yeah, Serena wasn’t the only one who had a hard night,” Chuck answered under his breath as he walked over to the bar to pour himself another glass.

“Ok, listen. There’s one zaidi thing I didn’t get around to telling wewe yesterday,” future Chuck began. When he saw the other Chuck’s expectant expression he began struggling for words, “Umm, well…. your dad… ummm bass, besi Industries… I…” they were soon interrupted kwa a knocking at the door. “That would be the girls,” he alisema as he hurried off to get the door.

When they came back into view of the bar Chuck saw that it wasn’t Serena that had arrived it was Blair, he awkwardly looked back at his drink to avoid eye contact with her.

The older Blair and Chuck had started talking to each other, making their normal conversation sound so private that Blair felt awkward standing inayofuata to them. After much mental deliberation she found herself walking towards the bar, till she was standing inayofuata to Chuck.

Without looking at her he quickly got out, “Want a drink?”

He began moving after her enthusiastic head nod and an exhausted, “Oh yeah.”

As he got her a glass and poured her a drink, still never once looking at her he chuckled, “Last night, that bad?”

“You have no idea.”

The room was then engulfed in an awkward silence. Both realized that their older versions had stopped talking so they turned to see what was going on now. They were met with the sight of their future selves making out in the center of the room. Both of them just stared in disbelief for a dakika before simultaneously looking back at each other, trying to gauge their reactions, before awkwardly looking down at their drinks. Worst out of body experience ever, Blair thought as she wished for something to break up the awkward feeling.

Just in time another knock sounded at the door, the older Chuck and Blair broke apart as she rushed toward the door, pulling it open and letting out a surprised gasp. Immediately the younger Blair ran over and looked towards the door to see her friend Serena barely able to stand in the other Serena’s arms. She ran over to Serena’s other side and together they pulled her into the bathroom.

A dakika later the older Serena arrived back outside, she collapsed onto the kitanda whispering, “Blair alisema she could handle it. I spent all night looking for her and that’s how I found her. Maybe this was a bad idea.” And with that she burst out into tears.

Blair gave her a long, reassuring hug, telling her it wasn’t a bad idea and it wasn’t her fault. After Serena had calmed down zaidi Chuck began talking to her to help some more. Meanwhile Blair looked over to the younger Chuck at the bar and after a moments thought she stood up and sat inayofuata to him.

“What’s that your 5th glass already? Looks like someone had a good night,” she teased.

“It was just fantastic. I heard all about what my life is going to be like and I don’t even have a say in the matter,” he alisema sarcastically, put off kwa how happy this Blair looked.

“Oh please we both know you’re happy about it. Don’t be such a tough guy,” Blair alisema laughing.

“Yeah right. I am not happy about this. I’m trading in tons of girls for just one girl. Who happens to be my best Marafiki girlfriend, and the bitchiest, most annoying, and controlling girl at school… No offense,” he finished. He looked up at the older Blair expecting to see the crushed look he was attempting to give her so she’d leave and he wouldn’t have to say what he was really thinking, but instead she was trying to contain a smile.

“Sure,” she alisema sarcastically. “Look Chuck, one thing you’ll learn is that I know you, better then anyone in the world. I know what you’re really thinking. And trust me when wewe eventually do work up the courage to say it, as I know wewe will, I don’t think the other me could possibly resist,” and with a grin on her face she slid of the kinyesi to jiunge Serena on the kitanda leaving a stunned Chuck behind.


It had been another fifteen dakika when the two Nate’s arrived after a call from Serena. The younger Blair and Serena were still in the bathroom, Blair only coming out once to ask for some clean clothes. The older Nate immediately rushed to sit inayofuata to Serena and hold her while she buried her head in his shoulder. Chuck had moved to the edge of the kitanda and had spent the last dakika alternating between staring at the door of the bathroom and at Chuck and Blair who were either fussing over Serena au kissing and laughing with each other the whole time.

When the younger Nate came in he was going to sit on the kitanda until he noticed Chuck already there and immediately moved to sit at the bar. Everybody in the room noticed but nobody alisema anything.

Eventually the bathroom door opened to reveal Blair who upon seeing Nate at the bar awkwardly placed herself on the couch, inadvertently sitting inayofuata to Chuck. Serena then followed her, looking much better then before, most of the alcohol’s affects had worn off.

The older Nate then called out to himself, “Hey man, come sit over here, we want to talk about some zaidi stuff.”

“No,” everybody froze. “I’m not sitting inayofuata to him.”

“What?” Chuck answered as he stared at his best friend.

“You heard me. I’m not going to sit inayofuata to the guy who steals my girlfriend.” Everybody in the room fell deadly silent, while all four of the NJBC from the future shook their heads.

“Hey, I haven’t even done anything. wewe two had already broken up so I wasn’t doing anything wrong. Unlike how, from what I’ve heard, wewe slept with Serena while wewe and Blair were dating,” Chuck lashed back.

“You told him that?” Blair whispered to Chuck as they tried not to break the silence.

“Wait, What?!” the younger Blair screamed immediately silencing the two fuming boys. “You have got to be kidding me!” She glared at Nate and then turned to Serena who looked down ashamed. “Why does my life get so messed up!” And with that she landed back down on the kitanda and started to cry, turning into Chuck to cry on his shoulder as he awkwardly patted her on the back, trying not to make eye contact with his angry friend.

A few dakika later Nate alisema quietly, “Look, Chuck. I’m sorry for that. I’m actually not that mad anymore. Nate stayed with me last night and explained some stuff, but I just needed to say something to you. Ummm… yeah….” He trailed off, sitting down inayofuata to Serena without making contact with anyone but her, who gave him a small smile.

“Blair,” Chuck said, carefully lifted up her face to look at her. “Are wewe ok?”

“She didn’t tell me,” Blair whispered.

“I know, and I’m sorry,” he answered wiping the tears off of her cheek.

“No, she didn’t tell me. So it must not have been so bad,” she alisema attempting to find a good part to this.

“Ummm… sure,” Chuck said, smiling at her.

“Thanks,” she whispered.

Chuck cleared his throat, “… Anytime. Now let’s hear some more.”


Everybody had taken a few dakika to calm down and get drinks. Chuck was happy that Nate seemed to be ok with everything, but he had a bad feeling that he hadn’t really gotten everything out of his system. Blair had calmed down very quickly, and Chuck had a bad feeling about that too. The last thing they needed was both of them breaking down again. The four of them sat across from the four of their counterparts for the sekunde time, but at least this time they were prepared.

“Well wewe all already know about Chuck and Blair and Nate and I,” the older Serena started.

“And about my dad and Roman and my mom and Cyrus,” Blair said, her voice dripping with anger.

Serena was the first to answer, “Wait… what?”

“Oh nothing, just my dad runs off to France with a male model, Roman. Who’s apparently really nice. And my mom marries Cyrus after Bart’s funeral, and he’s a hugger,” she practically screamed. Right after the words left her mouth though she realized what she alisema and quickly turned to look at Chuck.

He was sitting with an almost dead look on his face. Staring straight at the older version of himself replaying those words in his mind, Bart’s funeral.

“I was going to tell wewe last night and I tried again this morning, but yeah,” Chuck tried to explain. “He died in our senior mwaka of high school. In a car accident. In the will he left all his money and the company to me.”

Everybody went silent as they waited to see what would happen. Chuck seemed to be torn between running out of the room right now and drinking himself to death. But at the same time he thought, he’s not dead yet. I can ‘t deal with this right now.

They gave Chuck a few dakika to control his emotions and eventually Serena decided that she would help him out kwa starting to speak again. “So we know about Blair’s and Chuck’s parents. But what about Nate and I?”

The room lifted a bit at Serena’s attempt at conversation and Nate began, “Well, truthfully it was a little rough because….” He paused trying to begin. “Oh well because my dad became addicted to drugs then was charged with fraud and fled the country, but when he came back I had him locked up. And just recently I began meeting with my Grandfather again,” he quickly rushed through.

“Wow,” was all Nate could say as he looked down at his hands thinking through everything.

Without stopping older Serena began, “Well, Mom got married again.”

“Of course,” Serena said, disappointed.

“That’s not all. She actually gets married to Bart Bass.”

Everybody froze for a second. Until, “No!” Serena screamed looking over to see Chuck’s face.

This was exactly what I needed, Chuck thought as he leered. “Oh don’t say wewe aren’t happy Serena. au should I say, Sis.” This caused everyone to burst out laughing.

After most of the laughing had died down Serena started to ramble, “And after I went off to Brown, she’s actually married to Rufus Humphrey. And since Dan and I are done it’s completely fine. Plus having Lily as a step-mom really helps Jenny keep control of the school.”

All the younger kids looked at each other confused, Chuck voicing what they were all thinking. “Who are the Humphrey’s?” The older kids laughed as Nate answered, “You’ll see.”

“Wait, I went to Brown? Yes, I’ve always wanted to go there,” young Serena said, excited.

“Well we all knew that. You’re going to Brown. Nate is going to Dartmouth, I am going to Yale and Chuck goes to who knows where,” young Blair answered as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

Future Blair cleared her throat and alisema quietly, “Not quite.”

At Blair’s questioning look the rest of the kids on the other kitanda answered. Nate first said, “Columbia.” Then Chuck, “I run bass, besi Industries so I didn’t go to school.” Then Blair, who took a deep breath in before answering, “NYU.”

Blair almost seemed to die before everyone’s eyes as her eyes Lost their spark and she alisema with an almost dead voice, “Oh.”

“So basically, everything gets screwed up,” Chuck alisema as he walked up and refilled his glass. Nobody alisema anything but it was obvious they all agreed with him.
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