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posted by LoveLiesAndLust
A/N: YAY! I finally updated something! Short, I know, but I'm already working on chapter three which I'm sure will be ilitumwa kwa later on tonight.

Warning: Rape invloved.
No matter how hard she tried to scream, she couldn't. His hand was placed firmly over her mouth, his grip on her around her neck tight.

"Now, now, Blair. Don't try anything stupid," Jack warned her, wagging the index finger on his free hand. What the fuck? Who did he think she was? A fucking kindergardener? "I wouldn't wanna have to snap your pretty little neck." He put down is free hand and removed his other hand from her mouth. "I trust that you're smart enough to listen," he explained getting off the bed.

Blair sat up slowly, still not sure whether this was actually happening, au if it was all one big nightmare. "What do wewe want?" she asked him, tears starting to well in her eyes. She was afraid, all right. His eyes were dark - furious, he reeked of booze, and the way he pinned her down on the bed; he was twice as strong as her.

Jack looked back at her and smirked. "Did your boyfriend really think that with just one tiny little punch, I would be out of your lives forever?" He chuckled. "Charles is naive. wewe all are. Of course one ngumi, punch wouldn't get rid of me. Do wewe really think I never took worse hits than that?" His chuckle became a menacing laugh. Then he stopped laughing, looked her in the eye, and continued, "I want revenge, Blair. I want to teach you, Chuck - the whole entire UES, that wewe should never mess with Jack Bass. Never." Jack laughed once zaidi when Blair's facial expression turned into a horrified one.

"What are wewe going to do?" She could barely get the words out. She was too afraid to know the answer.

"Well," he began. "I have many, many options. Would wewe like to hear the first one, Blair?"

Blair nodded reluctantly.

"My first option, is to have a little...fun with you."

Her whole body froze. The way he alisema 'fun'. It made her almost afraid to ask the swali that she dreaded - but needed - to know the answer to. "What do wewe mean?" Her voice came out only as a whisper, fear evident in her voice.

"What I mean, is..." Jack made his way over to the kitanda and started to climb on juu of her. "This," he kissed her neck, then bit, making he whimper slightly. Then he started to take his koti, jacket off. His lips met her skin once more, and he slowly started sliding her nightgown off, starting with the straps. Then, abruptly, he just stopped. He sat up and made eye contact with her once more. "Unless, wewe want my dear nephew to learn what option two is." He smirked again. Fucking jack-ass. He was making her choose between being fucking raped, au letting her boyfriend being beaten up au whatever the fuck "option two" was.

Blair gulped. Better her then him. She couldn't stand even thinking about how bad Jack would hurt Chuck. "No. Option one is fine."

Jack smiled at her. He really was a fucking asshole. "Atta' girl." And then the rest was a blur. All she could remember was him taking his and her clothes off. He kept saying "fuck." He was enjoying it; enjoying fucking raping her. Then he whispered the words that made chills run down her spine. "I hope wewe never forget this day. Because I know for a fact that I'll always remember this day. Always." That's when it all became black.

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