Gossip Girl GG spoilers

chair4eva posted on May 12, 2009 at 02:50AM
Lindsey in Boston: Anything you can share about the Gossip Girl finale?
You know how we saw those Gossip Girl set photos where Blair kissed both Chuck and Nate on the street? One of them was a total fake-out. Teehee! In other finale news, Little J comes into her own (and there's a nice rapprochement between her and Blair), Gossip Girl calls Nate a whore, you won't realize Lily-Rufus spawn is already there until the very last minute and there's a hint that several familiar background faces might become recurring or even regular characters in season three. (We'll tell you more about the realistic prospects for those recurrences after you've all seen the finale on May 18.)

I can already tell im gonna love this episode, nate finally being called a whore will be hilarious, them graduating (chuck looks so cute), CHAIRRRRRRRRRRRRR, possibly serenate? G <333333333 oh and the fact that the nair pictures are def foilers as if we didnt alredy knowww. lmao

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