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 Gods of Greece
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Once upon a time there was a child born her parent, Cry & Fantas named her Itis. Itis was the goddess of sickness. Everywhere Itis went anyone around her got a nasty cold. But, everyone still loved her because she was as sweet & lovably as the kuki, vidakuzi she to her freinds & stranders. One day, Itis's parents got her a baby pegasus, she named it Pegas au Peg for short. Well, since Pegas was a strong animal he fought off the cold & didn't get sick. As Pegas & Itis grew older they found upendo Pegas found Gloria & Itis found William. Cry & Fantas loved William as well did Itis. Itis & William got married & rode off to the sunset on Gloria & Pegas. And they all upendo eachother forever. THE END!
Btw since Itis was the goddess of sickness in modern times her name is put after many diseases.
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This wasn't one of mythology's smarter characters. See, this dude was a hunter. A good one, too. Probably revered Artemis as much as the inayofuata hunter. Maybe more. Because when he saw her, he just couldn't seem to tear himself away. And that was where the problem lay. But let me begin at the beginning.

Actaeon was the son of Autonoe, who's family was already generally cursed to be miserable. Which just sucked. But Actaeon grew up pretty decently. He was a Greek prince and a hunter taught his skills and wisdom kwa the "good centaur" Cheiron (who was like the wisest guy ever) and so you'd think he'd...
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Artemis and her brother were passionate. And one person they both loved dearly, beyond each other (for their bond was almost comletely unbreakable), was their mother Leto. The twins loved and defended their mother with a passion unparalleled, and woe to the god au mortal who offended her. One such woman was named Niobe. Now, I have little pity for Niobe, because she was just stupid. She had the gall to complain loudly that people paid too much respect to Leto. She cried that Leto had only two children, where she had seven boys and seven girls. Hmmmm. Not for long, smartgirl. Once the twins heard they came to her house and Apollo shot everyone of the boys with his golden arrows of extreme pain. Artemis shot the girls with her painless silver arrows, and they all lay down on their beds and died. Some stories say that the youngest girl, Chloris, was spared, but it is unclear why. Niobe wept uncontrollably, and I think some kind god turned her into a rock.
A Simple Definition Of The Magician Character For Screenwriters & Storytellers kwa Pamela Jaye Smith via linkFor zaidi videos, please visit link
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