1) wewe hated Addison at first because she came between Derek and Meredith at first.
2) wewe were mad at Derek when he called Meredith a whore.
3) wewe wanted to kill Rose for coming between Derek and Meredith.
4) wewe hated it when Meredith was with the vet because she wasn't with Derek.
5) wewe call your best guy Marafiki McDreamy and they look at wewe like you're from another planet.
6) wewe tell yourself, "I wish my man could be like Derek!"
7) wewe upendo it when they make up and wewe hated it when they broke up.
8) wewe hoped that Meredith had picked Derek in the season two finale after they made out at prom.
9) wewe wanted to tell Derek something when he picked Addison over Meredith.
10) wewe wanted to give Meredith a hug when she picked Derek.