Eric was shocked that Meredith had told Derek the truth about their wedding day. Jason was looking mbele to his birthday even though his parents were divorced. Meredith honored their custody agreement which had aliyopewa her custody in their divorce. Addison was over Derek and in upendo with Mark. Meredith had no idea that Eric wanted them to give him a good birthday. Her life with Derek was better than the life she had lived with Eric.
No one had any idea that a major ferryboat accident had been hit. "All residents gather your interns and head to awaiting amublances! Attendings follow!" ordered Richard.
Meredith was unlucky because she was pushed into the water. Seeing his wife and mother of his children in the water, Derek jumped into the water and tried to save her. "Mer? Stay with me! I need you! Our sons need you! Jason and Caroline need you! Help me!" alisema Derek.
Eric saw his ex-wife feeling lifeless without her body. She saw her husband trying to save her much to her joy. "What has happened to me?" asked Meredith.
"You drowned, Meri! That's what happened to you!" alisema a voice she could not recall.
"Grandma? Grandpa? Is that you?" asked Meredith.
Meredith realized she had to get back to her family but she had amensia when she woke up. She couldn't remember her marriage to au children with Derek. Derek's moyo ached as he tried to get his wife to remember him. "Mr. Shepherd? We have your wife's test results!" alisema a doctor.
"How are wewe feeling, Mrs. Shepherd?" asked a doctor.
"I'm not Mrs. Shepherd! I'm Mrs. Richards!" alisema Meredith.
She was shocked that these people kept referring to her as Mrs. Shepherd. Memories came flooding back to her all at once. "Eric? I'm home! Time to get the kids ready for my graduation!"
She heard nosies coming from their bedroom and went in only to find her husband with his ex-girlfriend. "Mere? You're nyumbani early!" alisema Eric.
"Get out! I'm leaving you, Eric! Once I get settled in Seattle with my internship, I'm filing for divorce and getting our kids!" alisema Meredith.
She graduated, packed her bags, and moved to Seattle to start over fresh. She had no idea that she would fall in upendo again. "Meredith!" she said.
"Derek!" he replied.
Their lives were about to change. "Hello, Meredith!" he had said.
"Why are wewe here?" she had asked.
"I want wewe back!" he had replied.
"I have a boyfriend!" she had stated.
She woke up and found her husband crying in his office when she walked up and kissed him hard. "I upendo you, Derek!" alisema Meredith.
"I upendo you, Meredith!" alisema Derek.
Richard decided that he was going to retire so Derek, Burke, Addison, and Mark started a competition for Chief. They impressed the board yet only one could be Chief. Derek had his wife and children's support and Meredith loved how Derek supported her so she supported him. Richard announced that Derek was the new Chief much to his wife's joy. People knew that they had to respect her as she was the new Chief of Surgery's wife. "Hello, Chief Shepherd!" she said.
"Hello, Mrs. Shepherd!" he said.
She loved being the Chief of Surgery's wife and she knew that Derek Junior and Ryan would have it easy even Jason and Caroline as Derek was their stepfather. Her children were the most important things in her life as Meredith loved them. Deciding to have them as her pride and joy, Meredith spoiled them much to Derek's joy.
As the months went on, Meredith was surprised when her old Marafiki showed up. Eric surprised her that they wanted to have chajio, chakula cha jioni to catch up on old times. She alisema that she would have to let Derek know. Mark and Addison surprised Derek kwa telling him some old Marafiki wanted to catch up on old times with them. He alisema that he would have to let Meredith know. "Derek? Eric just informed me some old Marafiki are in town!" alisema Meredith.
"Meredith? Addison just informed me some old Marafiki are in town!" alisema Derek.
They knew that they should have their children with them. Derek would have Derek Junior and Meredith would have Ryan plus Jason and Caroline. Eric and Meredith's old Marafiki wondered what was new between them. "What is new with wewe guys?" they asked.
"We're divorced and I'm remarried! This is my youngest child with my husband!" alisema Meredith.
"We're shocked!" they said.
Ryan was crying and Meredith shushed him before it got worse. She knew that Ryan was glad he had his mother with him. "Shush! Ryan? It's alright! We'll be with Daddy and your brother soon!" alisema Meredith.
"Who is your husband?" they asked.
"Derek Shepherd!" alisema Meredith.
Derek and Addison's old Marafiki wondered what was new between them. "What is new with wewe guys?" they asked.
"We're divorced and I'm remarried! This is my oldest child with my wife!" alisema Derek.
"We're shocked!" they said.
Derek Junior was crying and Derek shushed him before it got worse. "Shush! DJ? It's alright! Daddy's here! We'll see Mommy and your brother soon!" alisema Derek.
"Who's your wife?" they asked.
"Meredith Grey!" alisema Derek.
When asked how many children they asked, he answered truthfully. "She has two children with her ex-husband and we have two! Our children's names are Derek Christopher Shepherd Junior and Ryan Matthew Shepherd!" alisema Derek.
Derek explained how they fell in upendo yet he didn't say anything in front of Derek Junior. "This is Chief Shepherd! Why is my wife there?" alisema Derek.
"Tell Mrs. Shepherd that I'm on my way!" alisema Derek.
"Daddy? What's wrong with Mommy?" asked Derek Junior.
"I don't know!" alisema Derek.
He was scared about his wife's health. "Your wife is pregnant! That's why she fainted!" alisema a nurse.
They were having another baby. He was pleased when he found out it was another boy. This son they named Ethan Charles Shepherd and they were glad because they loved him as much as their other sons. Meredith's kids with Eric loved their new brother. Knowing they were two away from their goal of five, he told her he needed to get her pregnant two zaidi times. Since they were Chief and Mrs. Derek Shepherd, Derek decided to give Meredith zaidi tife off than any other new mother.